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Projectile System Tutorial


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Since a lot of users seem pretty confused by Kibbelz's boss ass projectile system I'll run it down for ya guys c:






1: This is your list of projectiles, the one highlighted in blue is your currently selected projectile and the one you are editing.



2: This is pretty basic, creates a new projectile, deletes the selected projectile, and an undo button in case you mess up, respectively.



3: The projectile spawns screen can look a bit intimidating but it's really quite simple. Each block on the spawn map indicate 1 in game tile, with the S in the center indicating the player/NPC firing the projectile. In the current map you'll see that the arrow above the S has been marked green. You can do this by simply clicking an arrow. When you mark an arrow it spawns a projectile firing from that point and in the indicated direction every time you use said projectile. In the example above each time I fire my projectile one single projectile will shoot in the direction my character is facing since in the map it assumes your character is facing upwards. Had I clicked the arrow under the S every time I fire a projectile it would shoot behind me, this takes some experimentation and it's super fun I recommend playing with it a bit the possibilities are massive.



4: Name: The name of the projectile.

    Speed: The MS at which the projectile travels (higher values mean the projectile will travel slower)

    Spawn Delay: The MS at which the projectile is delayed upon firing.

    Quantity: The amount of projectiles fired.

    Range: The range (in tiles) that the projectile will fly.

    Collision Spell: The spell the projectile casts upon hitting it's target. (Spells will already apply their effects if it is set to a projectile spell)

    Knockback: How many tiles the target is knocked backwards upon being hit by the projectile.

    Grapple Hook: If this is selected the projectile will interact with grapple stones (in map attributes) and pull the user towards it.



5:Animations: The animation list and the animation currently selected

   Animation: This allows you to select the animation for the projectile to use for that page.

   Spawn Range: The page for your currently selected animation spawn.

   Auto Rotate Animation: This makes the projectile always face the direction the player is facing, for example an arrow animation may be just an image of an arrow facing upwards however if you set this to true the arrow will rotate to face the correct direction.



6: You can select any of these parameters to cause the projectile to stop at the selected tiles.




Thanks guys and if I missed anything or something is incorrect lemme know c:



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3 minutes ago, Gibier said:

Can we except a tutorial for the event editor for the noob like me we never saw an event editor of their life ? :-X


Yeah I'll try to write something up tomorrow, it'll have to be in parts the event editor is quite huge

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Admittedly my projectile system is very complex looking at it from an outsiders perspective. Something that I struggle with is making an interface which I deem as understandable (because I made it), logical for an outsider. However I don't regret the current interface in place, its probably the same way I'd do it again, however a few footnotes wouldn't be a bad idea. A good idea would be to add a help button to each editor linking it to a tutorial such as this for the future of Intersect. Also for those wondering, "s" stands for "spawn" for 0,0 or the origin. Direction is assumed up since that is the default position. order of directions: (up, down, left, right).

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