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Obscure Video Games you have played.


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Simple thread, any games you played, that people proberbly havn't heard of?

Can be from any platform, amegia to ps4.


Bonus points for weirdness. Loss points if people have played it before.



Ill start:



James pond 3 for the Amegia.. Played this regliously as a child.



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3 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@QuoteFox 90% of the games are unbeatable and all of them are broken xD I also own not so much obscure but I own a bunch of things like nes and snes dev carts and some unreleased sonic betas (not the ones on the internet)


Action 52 was more like cashgrab 52


Didn't play it when it came out but I heard the stories.

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8 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@George It looks cool like a 2d wow with what appears to be a musical twist xD 

Was some sort of bard class actually. had  a great variety to pick from to bad the game shut down a year or two ago. 





I also played the shit out of The World 2d. I actually made some real friends with this game, some of which I moved in with recently.


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2 minutes ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@George For teridal you can always host a private server and The World 2d looks good but I hate the vhs line effect so I would either have to remove it or just suck it up

Teridal closed without giving anyone a host file. 

I fixed the image actually was pretty weird my sharex upload got corrupt apparently. 

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@PhenomenalDev Haha, maybe I should explain it a bit. The game is referencing various political flops in his career as a president. The game is named after one of his most known quotes, where in live radio show, he started explaining to the moderator, what pussy means (and he even pronounced it wrong). He is also very pro-Russia, which is referenced by all the vodka bottles and barrel of RusOil in the game. Also you collecting protection against winter virosis and goal of gaining the Bohemian crown jewels is a reference to his first visit to the jewels after becoming president. He had trouble walking straight and had to lean against walls, so everyone knew he was drunk, but the PR office said it was because of a winter virosis :D
Here he is, in all his glory.



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