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About me and how my project was born.

Hello everyone, let me introduce myself. My name is Joaquín, and it is necessary to tell you a little about myself so that you understand the reason for this project and its concept. All my life I was a fan of Naruto, many times I also tried to re-create the world of Naruto in a game since Intersect gives us the possibility of fulfilling our dreams to all of us who have little knowledge about programming


After many attempts and my lack of skill in PixelArt, added to that, I understood that possibly making a game of this type could cause some problem with copyright, although it is unlikely, I want to avoid it. Thus a project called Samuraï MMO was born, which is basically based on the Naruto universe. This project aims to re-create the world of Naruto but adapting it to the Samurai theme.


What will Samuraï MMO be like?

Players will begin their story where they will face a cruel reality, a world subjected to an endless war between two great factions, on the one hand, the Sabaku Village and on the other, the Yamano Village. In both villages there are various families or clans, however, in both there are two clans that stand out from the rest. On the Sabaku side there is the Harukaze Clan and the Aokawa Clan and on the Yamano side there is the Fuyusora Clan and the Yurei Clan.


What is the story behind each Village?
Sabaku Village (also known as the Desert Village) is hidden between a wall of desert mountains. There are approximately 1500 inhabitants and among them a little more than half are Samurai. Generally, their territories are usually painted red, that is, their roofs and other places where the members of this village frequent.


Yamano Village (also known as Mountain Village) stands out for preserving nature, the love of life of all living beings (vegetation and animals). It has approximately 1,200 inhabitants and among them, they only have an army of 300 Samurai. Generally, their territories are usually painted blue, that is, their roofs and other places where the members of this village frequent.


What is the projection to reach the world of Naruto?

We know that in Naruto there are: Elements, Ninja type specificity, Ninja Ranks, Chakra, Mission Rank, Clans, among other things. I will break down the changes that will be made to fit the Samurai.

  • Elements: The main elements that will exist in Samuraï MMO are the following; fire, water, wind and earth. At the moment I do not plan to add combination or the so-called elemental "Kekkei Genkais". You can choose the type of element that you will master when you start your adventure and then when you reach a certain level you can choose your second mastery and even a third, depending on the element you master you will be able to unlock certain skills.
  • Ninja type specificity: In Naruto we have for example: Medical Ninjas, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, etc. In Samurai this will be limited, since only a Samurai can choose between being a ranged Samurai (uses bows) or melee, as well as choosing to be a medic.
  • Ninja Ranks: Ninja ranks start from Genin, Chunin, in Naruto. In Samurai there will be a similar rank system which starts from Deshi and can reach Daimyō (Village Feudal)
  • Chakra = Dantian in Samuraï
  • Mission Rank: Similar to Naruto's mission rank system. Mission are given by the Daimyō's assistant (NPC) or given by a Daimyō.
  • Clans: The clans, as in Naruto, have passive abilities that will highlight each other, however, each of the Villages has a passive ability similar to that of the enemy Village's clan.


Some content









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I wasn't really going to show this, but in the end, I decided not to. This will be the first impression when entering SAMURAI MMO; you will encounter the background, the harsh reality of war in the Samurai world, where children become orphans and only have to fight to alleviate their pain.

I'm sorry, it's in Spanish. But I'll have to put it in English later, lol.


On the other hand, once you choose your faction and clan, you will proceed to enter the Samurai Academy, which consists of three stages:

  • The brown arrow represents the first phase, the "Basic Instruction Class," where you will learn the basics of the history and then must take an exam.
  • The green arrow is the second phase, which involves a battle against a Sensei using a Training Katana. You must defeat them.
  • The red arrow is the final phase, testing your marksmanship using the two items that a Samurai uses for ranged attacks: the shuriken and the Yumi (bow).



Your instructor will guide you throughout the process.



This is the basic instruction class where you will need to put your knowledge to the test.



The practical part begins with a battle against one of the Sensei.



Lastly, you will have your marksmanship test in this class.



Once you complete it, your instructor will hand you a "graduate's box" that, when opened, contains a representative Kimono from your village and a traditional Samurai hat. From there, your Samurai adventure begins.


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Salut !


I use google translate

J’utilise google traduction.


I love your intro, you figured out how to present the two clans well through the dialogue and the background image, it's clever.

J’adore ton intro, tu as trouvé comment présenter proprement les deux clans en passant par les dialogue et image de fond, c’est intelligent.



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  • Tomeo changed the title to Samuraï MMO

The portion corresponding to Yamano Village is up to 85% completed. I will continue to finish it completely and then move on to Sabaku Village.




The ranks that a Samurai can attain will depend on the character's level, and some ranks can only be achieved by completing different challenges or missions. Below, the ranks will be listed from lowest to highest.

- Academy: Academy students are beginners in the art of the Samurai. They learn the basics of the Samurai world and the principles of Bushido, hoping to graduate and begin their journey as Deshi.

- Deshi: Deshi were the disciples or apprentices of the Samurai who were still studying and training, without being officially recognized as Samurai. Deshi typically lived with their masters (sensei) and served them in domestic tasks while learning martial arts and the philosophy of Bushido.

- Gokenin: These would be low-ranking Samurai who served the shogun, daimyo, or kensei. They were the foot soldiers who participated in battles and carried out various functions.

- Hatamoto: These are high-ranking Samurai who would serve directly under the daimyo. They had a special status and could access important administrative or military positions.

- Kensei: These are the strongest and most respected Samurai of each clan or region. They are appointed by the daimyo, depending on their territory. They would be the leaders and protectors of their clan or region and would have the authority to make important decisions on behalf of their lord. They would be responsible for training and guiding other Samurai and passing on their wisdom and art to future generations. They would be distinguished by carrying a special katana with its own name and a legendary history.

- Daimyo: These are the feudal lords who have absolute power in the villages, and their duty is to care for and protect their citizens. They have their own Samurai under their command, to whom they would grant land, money, or privileges in exchange for their service.


Then there are ranks that are outside the village hierarchy, and these ranks depend more on life circumstances.

- Ronin: These are Samurai who had lost their lord or been expelled from their clan. They did not have a defined status. Some became mercenaries, bandits, bodyguards, or adventurers.

- Shugoki: This would be the rank name for Samurai who were part of a special elite force in the service of the shogun or daimyo. Shugoki means "strong guardian" or "giant," and it would only be granted to Samurai who demonstrated great strength, endurance, valor, and loyalty. The Shugoki would be responsible for protecting their lord and allies and facing the most powerful and formidable enemies.



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- A new fighting style was implemented that focuses on hand-to-hand combat. Karate style.

- White (Rukkyu) is followed by yellow (Yonkyu), orange (Sankyu), green (Nikyu), blue, brown (Ikkyu), black (Kuroi) (Master) and finally the red one (Sensei)

- Depending on the color of your belt, it will define the strength of your style, and the skills you can unlock.











New uniforms for the samurai guards (Shugoki) of Yamano and Sabaku.





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