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Game o wow anther pkmn gaem


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Yeah I know it's cancer seeing so many Pokémon games but I don't mind. :P

So while I'm waiting for Intersect to be released so I can work with Adams on a game, I'm just killing time by writing an online Pokémon game from scratch! I am writing it in C# using MonoGame for graphics, and Lidgren for networking. I do not have anything playable yet, I only have screenshots and little "dev logs" that I wrote at the time (and saved them in Notepad XD) of what I've been doing, that's why I'm not posting it in the Projects forum yet.




Looked up some tutorials on how to get Mono started and here we are. I finished a really basic GUI system that allows me to easily add controls (windows, buttons, textboxes and checkboxes) into the screen, and handle their events (such as mouse actions). Also implemented a basic state system to change scenes (game state, battle state maybe?)



Forgot to take the screenshot of this at the time, but basically I got connections between client and server done. Obviously the server handles multiple connections and listens for packets sent from the client.



First in-game screenshot! There's no movement yet, but now you can see other players that connect to the game.



Before the map editor, I decided to finish the chat system first, because I wanted that done already. It's just an array of strings which are rendered one after the other, and I use a wordwrap function to make sure the lines are not longer than the actual chatbox. Movement is also done, with animations too.



Finished a really basic map editor. It still doesn't allow for bigger maps, that's my next task.



After finishing the map editor with bigger maps, I implemented the map system into the game. I had to make a camera system for two reasons: to be able to travel in bigger maps, and for performance, so I only render what's visible to the player. Also, started work on the Pokémon database; you can see all those Bulbapedia articles I had to read to understand how the games actually work, and try to implement it myself. As of this screenshot, everything related to Pokémon is already coded in the server, just need to send it to the client for display. After that, I got the battle system to work on.

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27 minutes ago, Ghostly said:

I don't know if that's good, or bad... :P

I want to have something playable soon to test, but first I need to do a basic battle system. I'll be posting my progress here anyway.


depends how you classify free help? :P

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Yeah could use a hand at mapping once I've got some more stuff coded in. :D Although, I'm not really sure if I'll be staying with those tiles or just the original LG/FR...would love some input in that too.

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So I'm back home and back at working on this. :D

I didn't do coding today but just finished the UI for the stats window. This window will probably be the one that shows in the overworld and in battle. It's done in Paint, so it's not in-game yet; gotta code that.




Once this is done, I'll start working on the battle UI and the battle code itself for wild encounters. I'll also have to start programming moves.

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