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hi, in 2021 i work on create a unity client and compatible to android of the prerelease branch... in october of that year i has working almost all the features, i made some changes to the network to get it working on unity IL2CPP and make all the ui again in Unity...


I leave the project and now i take the time to push it to the forked repository, so if a programmer want to try to use it, where is the repo, https://github.com/Magehernan/Intersect-Engine/tree/prerelease-Unity

because unity not work with the asset the same as the intersect client, i change a lot of things, the more radical thing is the UI, you need to do it all on unity and the json files not work. So for use this you need to build the server project, the editor, and open the folder Intersect-Client-Unity in unity there is all the code and the standard asset already mapped in unity to work.

Feel free to use it and modify it.

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