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There are an infinite amount of things that I don't know about gaming.  People are always talking about things and using words and terminology that I don't recognize or understand.


So I am hoping that we all can make a collaborative effort to make an encyclopedia of terms that deal with game development and games.


If you have something to add, post it and I will edit this.  If you have a question about a term, ask it.  Once someone answers, I will add that new term to this list.  If you can improve a definition, post your suggestion.  Let's try to keep the definitions short and simple but informative at the same time.





Sprite = Any static or animated two-dimensional image that can be placed anywhere on top of a larger scene.

Hitbox = An invisible rectangle used for monsters to detect collisions from weapons and projectiles.

Tilesets = A saved bitmap that consists of one or more sprites.  You can select parts of each tileset to use in your map, and a map can use many different tilesets.


Autotiling = An advanced Editor tool that speeds up the process of mapping.  In a tileset, you may see groups of tiles that have one texture surrounded by a different texture.  For example, "grass surrounded by water".  These groups of tiles generally consist of four corners and may also include top, bottom, left, and right edges and even center tiles too.  If you were working with a group of six "grass surrounded by water" tiles, you could just copy and paste the four bottom tiles of that group over onto the map, but then you would just end up with an identical four tile square section on your map.  Most likely, you will need a bigger, irregular shaped area that utilizes these 4-6 tiles.  It would be very tedious to have to copy and paste each corner tile manually and then fill in the rest.  With autotile selected, it will automatically calculate where each (i.e. corner) tile goes, so all you have to do is move your mouse cursor around.  It saves time.


CPS = Cycles Per Second.  This is similar to FPS, where the higher the number the better.  CPS determines how fast your Server reads information from your computer?  (I forgot).  A good CPS is over 40?, but you could probably get by with just 10?  You have the option to lock and unlock CPS.  By default, Intersect has the CPS locked at 100?  When unlocked, the CPS is allowed to change freely and be more or less?  An exceptionally high CPS is not needed.





C# = C Sharp.  A great programming language to learn.  C# has similar syntax to dozens of popular languages, so learning C# would help you learn those languages as well.  C# has a lot of support because of its popularity, and it is easy to find C# code online.


VB6 = Visual Basic 6.  It is an old, outdated programming language.


VB.Net = A successor to Visual Basic that was launched in 2002.  It is implemented on the .NET Framework.  It has cleaner code and more support than VB6.


Visual Studio =  An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to create programs in Visual Basic and other "Visual" languages such as Visual C#, Visual C++, etc.  Visual Studio is like the text editor, and Visual Basic would be the language that you are writing in.  Visual Studio comes in different editions Express, Community (i.e. Visual Studio 2015), Professional, Premium, and Ultimate.


Visual C# = Microsoft's implementation of the C# language along with the IDE and design-time tools used for developing C#.





WIP = Work In Progress.


GFX = Graphics.





GG = Good Game.


NPC = Non-Player Character.

RPG = Role Playing Game.

MMORPG = Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.


Noob = An inexperienced or new player.  Commonly used as a insult.


NEET = Not in the Educational, Employment, or Training system.  Basically a jobless person who isn't going to school.









Q.) What is a VPN?


Q.) What is a VPS?





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Who is doing the moving?  The player or the developer?  If it is the developer, than any computer graphic can be moved around on the screen - trees, furniture, buildings, mountains, rocks, characters, etc.  Basically anything we can fit in a tileset.  But I haven't heard anyone in the Shoutbox call objects sprites, which makes me think that they are for characters only.  I don't want to copy and paste something from the internet and that definition is a bit hard to understand.  Let's make our own definitions that are noobed down for new people such as myself.

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Yeah, I am thinking that it might include ANYTHING.  Any image.  So it could be fire.  A house.  A tree.  A chair.  When I first joined AGD, I was under the impression that it was only characters, NPCs, and monsters.  But I guess that I was wrong.  I found a definition that I liked.  Let me know what you think.  I think it is a good one.

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I hear the word NEET a lot in anime, but the term is not restricted to just Japan.  I believe that a few other countries use that term too.  But in the United States, only anime fans know of the word, and it is not a regularly used word in the United States at all.  To me, NEET isn't really a word that needs to be defined in this encyclopedia, but I included it anyway for LOL purposes.  But yeah one stereotype of NEETs is that most are unemployed gamers who spend all of their time at home with no friends and family, watching anime and playing games, eating cheap instant ramen noodles.  NEET is an acronym, and it is pronounced "neat".  Sorry if my explanation sucks.



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