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Tomorrow evening sometime I will be hitting the road for Gatlinburg Tennessee. I will be completely off grid camping, white water rafting, bar hopping and whatever else with friends until the 4th. Hopefully the mods can keep everything under control, I will check in when I can but with Kibz out of town too you all are gonna be on your own AGD!

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Thanks to everyone who donated yesterday. We were driving down the road and my friend kept saying "you've received X dollars from (insert name here)" as my phone notified me of PayPal updates. Each time I just leaned over and told him that he should get into game dev :P


Ill be updating the Hall of Fame and Donation sidebar as soon as I get back to a PC - most likely Monday. Just to keep everyone updated we are already at 90% of our donation goal for the month!! Thanks again everyone and I'll see you all soon!

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