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Untested Configurable animations upon item drop

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Warning! There be dragons!: This mod introduces new field(s) into the games' databases. Database migrations are one-way upgrades. Make database backups before applying! If you later decide that you want to remove this mod you will likely have to restore from those backups or manually make dangerous edits to your database in order to get your game running again. 

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Configurable animations upon item drop



This patch adds a brand new option to the Item Editor that lets you select an Animation to play when an item is dropped onto the map.

Each item has its own selectable animation, or you could configure none for the item.






Git Patch:



Based On:




Download and apply the patch.

Compile and run the server, it should automatically prompt you to migrate your database to the new format.


You might need to add the following option to the ItemEditor section in editor_strings.json if you're not using English for translation purposes:

"dropanimation": "Drop Animation"


After that, simply edit any item and add your desired drop animation!

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Looks good, came across an issue when trying to apply the patch, not had a "Corrupt Patch line before:


E:\Ainz Ooal Gown\Documents\Git Repo\Intersect-Engine>git apply --check LootDropAnimation.patch
error: corrupt patch at line 1512

I am using the latest development build.

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