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Dev Blog 05/18/2016 - SQLite Databases and Game Object Reworks


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SQLite Databases and Game Object Reworks

Dev Blog May 18th 2016


There are two big parts to this update, the first and biggest is that we are moving out of our comfort zone where we would tell the server how many items, how many resources, how many spells, how many quests, etc to create and instead we are allowing you to add and remove all of those game objects as they are needed.

The second major update is that all game data is now stored in a SQlite database. This means that there is one file that contains all of your servers important information. It is easier to copy, more efficient to read/write to and easier to browse and modify data from. You can use a tool like SQLite Browser to view and modify your players, for example.

Finally, I will be dropping Alpha 1.0 soon with several site changes to accommodate it. Each version following Alpha 1.0 will include a converter to the next version. That said, anyone hoping to use Intersect now or in the future can start designing the dream game knowing that their accounts, maps, and game objects can be converted to all following versions of the engine!

Content/Show Off

Here is a side by side showing how all of the editors looked like before (left) compared to now (right)


Because of the editor changes, you no longer need to specify the max number of items, resources, spells, etc in the game. Instead it is handled automatically.


The SQLite database does not require tons of files and folders on the operating system, everything is contained in a single, smaller file. Below you can see the server resources folder before the edits (left) and after (right).


Software packages like SQLite browser allow you to easily view and manage your server data. (See below)


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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