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Dev Blog 04/04/2016 - Open Alpha, MonoGame, and Engine Updates!


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Open Alpha, MonoGame, and Engine Updates!

Dev Blog April 4th 2016


Alpha is Open!

Alpha is now open to all members of Ascension Game Dev!!!  If you want to give our engine a try in it's current state sign into your account and visit this page!

Goodbye SFML, Hello Monogame!

Several of our Alpha testers reported crashes on their machines. These machines were starting to get old (~2008) and did not play well with SFML. We finally got Intersect running but not until after we stripped out lighting, text and downgraded to an old, out of date version of the SFML library. Because of that experience we have set SFML aside for now and migrated the rendering, input, and audio dependencies over to MonoGame and so far we couldn't be happier!


MonoGame should also pave the way to a working Mac and Linux version of our client in the very near future!

Server is Running on Linux!

I had to make a few code changes today, but I am happy to announce that the Intersect Server will run on Linux machines through mono!  There will be no setup required and no need to recompile the source. We will have a full in depth guide but the cliff notes are (1. Install Mono | 2. Run the following command: mono "Intersect Server.exe")

Other Changes...

We have made several other updates to the engine. One of the biggest is that the Client and Editor program are being shared in the same folder now, meaning they can share the same resources, graphics, audio, etc and as a developer you don't need to manage multiple content libraries.

That's all I can think of for now. As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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All I can say after reading through ALL the Dev blogs and the progress made is... AMAZING!  :o

Keep up the good work guys! Next best thing since sliced bread!

I will be donating to help you guys out as soon as I get paid! Totally deserved!  ;D

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