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Intersect Beta 6 - Recruiting Testers!

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We're finally recruiting internal testers for Beta 6!



We'd like to do a week or two long internal testing period of Beta 6 before a full community-wide release to find and fix any major bugs that we've introduced since Beta 5.1.


We're looking for testers that can contribute a couple hours each day to working within the engine. All aspects of the engine will be available for testing, including the new API. We will want some testers to work on existing projects (upgraded from B5) and others to work from scratch.


If you're interested please fill out this form, and if selected you will hear back from me in the next few days :).


Anyone that was previously in the Beta 5 testing squad get's first dibs. If you're still available and want to participate in round 2 please let me know!


Thanks everyone!


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