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Macks FSM Graphics Mega Pack


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A long while ago an artist named Mack created free to use graphics known as First Seed Material. They were mostly popular with the RM2K crowd but the site has since then gone down and died. This pack includes every tileset and sprite I could find after the site shutdown. I have ran the tilesets and sprites through a program, found here, which has converted the graphics to be used in the RMXP style, which is what intersect uses for sprites and has the autotile options as well.


There are a couple draw backs with these but the benefit of having SOO MANY sprites and tiles to work with greatly out weighs the draw backs.

Draw backs-

- Sprites all have a background. In order to make them transparent you will have to edit them your self.

- Autotiles and Animated Autotiles are split into their own images while normal tiles are put into a single image together.



- Almost 2000 sprites.

- Over 2000 tile images.


As far as I know these graphics are free to use however you would like. If anyone can happen to find the actual terms of use for these FSM graphics that would be great. :D











Download here with Ascension File Hosting.

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The license can be found here:



While the authors say that you are free to use these graphics for free, commercially or otherwise a lot of people (myself included) find some to be too similar to the RMXP default graphics.


I would not feel comfortable using these for a commercial project, but non-commercially sure :) 

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22 hours ago, Zetasis said:

Well, either way, I just thought I would share so people would have another option for graphics lol. 


Absolutely! They are amazing assets, and I'm glad you shared. I just want to share what little I know as well. I previously discussed those graphics with a mod at the enterbrain forums and never could get conclusive answers which was the driving factor of us commissioning the new AGD graphics.


My only goal is to keep everyone informed and let developers make the best decisions for their projects that they can.

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