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Game Rain Tale Online - More info and Design !

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Hello everyone, today i will show some more of my Rain Tale Online. Well, this game includes a whole mechanics, like fishing, mining, cutting trees and etc. this game have a lot of equipments, some exemples is Belts, wings, capes, rings, amulets, shirts, boots, and etc. The story is not finished yet, but when i finish i will update you with more information :D  Now i wil show you some pics of how my game is :



My Logo:



You can have more than 1 character 



Customize your Character ! : 9033eb0b25ee30138e361c13722cf611.gif


Custom Icons



Lots of equipment paperdolls : 





Custom Equipped Icon



Custom Character Info :



Lot of hairs and colors for hairs !


40ce9e8fc6f15cd3c2e733029e0e4f29.png 8094b84150a1b28e60354f3feadc47a4.png f4d571b113c2d30e397925fda3e40842.pngc34fbd2b92b2b114022e8810fa4e032f.png


Great game in general !




And that's all for today ! Hope your enjoyed some infos of my game, send feedback below ! :D <3 

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Looks pretty good, I especially love that style of graphics. Good luck with your project! 

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