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*This thread was originally about synthwave, but now its just about music in general. Post any music you like in this thread.*

Has been my favorite genre of music for a few years. There's a pretty elaborate history about it. Mostly it's just based on 80's video games and movies. Quite the nostalgia. The following is the history of Synthwave:




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I’ve always loved this type of music just never knew what the genre was. Thanks for clarification @Xenogene!


As for your tracks, I personally think they’re really catchy and upbeat. If you haven’t yet I recommend checking out the Axiom Verge sound track for inspiration. I love the game and the music is also amazing. Keep it up man I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of your work. 

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@Ainz Ooal Gown


Awesome track. It reminds me of this one from Neverending Story:



As a sidenote. These and other like-minded tracks are a major inspiration for synthwave in general. Neverending story was released in 84'. Giorgio Moroder the artist for "Ivory Tower" is so legendary that Daft Punk have a whole song dedicated to him :)



Another infamous track by Giorgio:


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