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WIP Doodle Quest

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Doodle Quest is a new hobby project of mine.   I'm so stoked on all the projects and guides for this engine that I wanted to share a bit of what I've been working on (thanks to all your help)!   I am currently building it in the intersect engine (Thank you so much!).  Doodle Quest is currently a one person project (me!)  It will tell the tales locked within a child's imagination.  All the assets will have a drawn ascetic.    I am currently in the process of creating assets (namely I have been working on music as of late) and writing story.  Down the road, I hope to have a small-scale mmo with a few word-of-mouth friends playing.  Currently, the game has two races and two sexes, a few items, some starter quests and the beginnings of a grasslands map.






















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