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This is my topic where I will post all my graphics moving forward. I have for you now a nice realistic deer. All of my graphics are made by none other than me and i put alot of time into these as i have to rig and animate in blender and then snapshot the poses and arrange in photoshop




Edited by PinkAngel
had to correct the sprite sheet cause i messed up on a piece
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1 hour ago, Kibbelz said:

Could you upload your graphics into a .zip file on our hosting system? Will result in the download link never expiring.

well maybe if i knew how to find your hosting system but i have so many more graphics i am working on right now so there is alot more coming so wouldn't even make sense to do a zip file until i am done

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Can you compile all the links and put them in this thread as a global thread for your resources? I love them and I think having one thread with all of them so we can just find them all from here when their separate threads get buried would be nice.

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