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Okay so I have been using intersect for some time now and I am loving all of the community support.


So i'm giving back.

on a side of making a game I also run a hosting company called strikehosting we dont really care about making money from it

so im giving 10 people a free web host with 20GB Storage SSD | Unlimited Bandwidth


Just reply here or message me if you want it


P.S we use CPanel, We also don't provide domains.


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2 minutes ago, Essence said:

I'm interested.


Sweet. If you have a domain I can add it to our system and give you the name servers or an IP I will need to find away to give you the details or you can give me an email or something I cant message on here.

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Cool, I will bookmark you for later. Not looking for anything right now but when I get closer to launch I would like a VPS host that is familiar with Intersect so I can have a stable, safe, and secure environment.

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