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Dev Blog 1/14/2017 - Combat Upgrades!


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Combat Upgrades!

January 14th 2017



Intersect has been fairly bumpy and consistent with how stats, levels, and combat works up to this point and we simply can't have that being a problem now that we're in Beta. People want games that they can start balancing so users can start exploring the worlds you all are creating and not perish due to bad coding on our part. I am very happy to introduce new default combat formulas and new options that now exist in our class, spell, item, and npc editors.


Let's start by looking at our new panel in the class editor:



Every weapon, spell, npc, and class will have similar options to these.

Base damage is a static amount of damage done on each hit.

Critical chance is the chance your hit has to critically strike.

Damage type can be physical, magical, or true damage. Physical damage is blocked by armor, magical damage is blocked by magic resist. True damage cannot be blocked and your enemies will take the full hit with no resistances being accounted for.

Scaling stat and the scaling value will alter your damage. For example, if your attack stat is 20, and the scaling amount is 1.5x then your attack will do an extra 30 damage on average.



Having these options in the npc editor will allow you to make stronger npcs that do different types of damage (not just physical.)

Spells and Weapons can critically strike, and every weapon can be unique.

Having these options in the class editor could potentially allow players to do damage without a weapon equipped, such as when making martial arts classes.


All of these stats are used together to provide an immersive and balanced combat experience.


With this update we also took the time to pull our combat formulas out of the engines source code and make them available for you all to edit immediately. Starting in Beta 2 you can find a formulas.xml file in your server/resources folder. Feel free to edit this file to use your own formulas as desired :D





Whats next?

Make sure to check out the Intersect Road Map as for what features we have next planned in line! We are going to be fixing all reported bugs and then getting another release out to you all. After that we are going to explore adding multi-language support to Intersect and going from there.


As always, feel free to post comments and questions below! We are excited to hear your thoughts on our progress!

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