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just a little updater I always use for myself.


it checks a xml for updates, then downloads them as needed.


its nicely separated in 3 separate downloads, so you can update things without needing to send everything :P


edit the urls in the source, recompile, and done.







The updater relies on a few files: updater.xml, core.zip,gfx.zip and sound.zip


updater.xml is used to let the updater know if something is updated.

it looks like this:



increase the number, to let updater know there is a update.


core.zip should hold all your client exe, and dll's

like this:



the gfx.zip looks like this:



and lastly, the sound.zip:



in the source, change the urls to point to your stuff:



that should be it :)



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The path is dynamic. Aka it change where the patcher folder is located on the hard drive. Not sure why you would need to/want to change the subfolder path but just assign it to your desired path.

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On 20/12/2016 at 4:18 PM, Damian666 said:

Hi guy im sorry to tell you something you probably said alot of times but i have a question ( also excuse me for my english im baguette ! )
I learn everything from google and without experience and im not sure to know what do you mean.
Is that Updater working on Intersect ?
If yes, can i ask you or talk with you to learn how to do this ? ( or maybe others ppl who can )
If no, does someone have any idea how to make this possible ?
I have an another computer to host the Server and files and its working well ( ppl can join the game , i said that to confirm everything seems ok with the machine )

PS: I'll try to explain quickly what is wrong and where im failing if someone is open for



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in the case of using it with intersect, you wont have the same files xD


put all dll and the client in the core zip.


then, in the gfx.zip, put the resource folder in it, without the music and sound folders.

and lastly, in the sound.zip, put the resource folder, with the music and sound folders in it, but not the folders we included in gfx.

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