How to make your game online with port forward

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What you need is

1. Good internet speed and connection

2. a little bit of passion :D


Okay let's just make it simple and fast.

First you need to do is go to mozilla or chrome and type or Depends on your router and the id and pass is admin and admin, to check it go to your cmd.exe and type ipconfig.

like this one, the Default gateway one. 



Don't close your cmd.exe first, now after you already inside your router settings go to Aplication & Gaming tab and click Port Range Forwarding like so



And then in the Aplication name thing, just put Intersect or Intersect Server or your game name :P and for the port there's something important and for this tutorial i just make it port 4599. for the important port thread click spoiler below. and for the Protocol use TCP and for the IP addresses type the one you got from your cmd.exe the IPv4 address one and then click Enable and apply. :D Almost there guys!



And now go to http://www.canyouseeme.org/ and make sure you already set the port like the one in your router settings in config.xml in server file, and turn on the server.

if it's success it would say I can see your service on port 4599 if not it's the opposite. And don't close the canyouseeme.org to make it online for your friend, go to config.xml in client file and change the host into Your IP on canyouseeme.org and change the port into 4599. now just upload the client files for your friend to play with you! :D Hope this help! If you have any question, feel free to ask i will try to help you as best as i could. and sorry for my suck english.





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6 hours ago, PhenomenalDev said:

@Miharukun Lel thanks for making this tutorial man :P no more having to tell people in the shoutbox we will just link here thanks for this.

Np man! I'm glad i can contribute something :D 


3 hours ago, yeroC said:

Great guide! Super useful for the noobs! :P

Thanks man! :D

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Great tutorial. Perfectly put. However for anyone who plans on running a big game, I'd recommend a VPS. But for games that are being developed & for small games, this is great! Good job man

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