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  1. one of them is hamachi, and well I haven't tried uninstalling hamachi (? I disabled it but that didn't work. Maybe I should uninstall it and see if that fixes the issue
  2. But I opened the ports on my modem and tried it there o,o ~ Got the same error. Though I just tried using my laptop and it works, with any router withing my house network... :S Idk what's going on with my desktop, I don't have any type of security software and my firewall is turned off...
  3. It is my ip and 3) "Error: I could not see your service on on port (8080)."
  4. yup I'm sure I'll use no-ip when I get my server working xd, do you guys have a solution? ewe
  5. Let's goooooo!!!!!!!!! My server doesn't run yet, but it will eventually. Whenever that happens I'll be able to enjoy the new version... so Let's GOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Netdebug Link: https://hastebin.com/axuhayiguj OS: Windows 10 Firewall deactivated (Windows Defense deactivated as well) and no anti-virus installed in my computer. I live in a appartment (?) My own network lol but I do have multiple routers, and this is not the main modem.But I tried in the main network device and is still the same issue. (I'm using Ethernet btw, I had to carry my desktop computer all the way over the modem to try it out lol) I did opened the ports (jic) C:
  7. "PlayerDatabase": { "Type": "sqlite", "Server": "localhost", "Port": 3306, "Database": "", "Username": "", "Password": "" }, "GameDatabase": { "Type": "sqlite", "Server": "localhost", "Port": 3306, "Database": "", "Username": "", "Password": "" Do I have to change those? ~I mean it's not working yet ewe
  8. Por alguna razon me pasa esto Tengo el firewall y windows defender desactivados, no tengo ningun tipo de anti-virus en mi pc. Tengo acceso a abrir los puertos en mi router, pero si cambio el "localhost" en el cliente y le pongo el ip del servidor, no funciona. :C Pueden contactarme directamente por discord: donut#8086
  9. "It does not appear that your game is acceSsible to the outside world" me sale en el servidor Tengo el firewall y windows defender desactivados, y no tengo ningun tipo de anti-virus en mi pc. ~Tambien, usan discord? Digo que es mas eficiente que los foros o.o
  10. "Error: I could not see your service on 179.XX.XX.XXX on port (1024)" :C I even have the same router thing and still get this :CCCC
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