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  1. leoXP


    I understand, but in the future is it possible that each resolution can have an xml file?
  2. leoXP


    I wanted to know how the intersect resolution system works, for example I can change the gui for each screen resolution?
  3. Very good, just a question, what did you use to build the site? Do you have direct connection to the intersect database?
  4. A doubt, in the future will it be possible to use intersect in unity?
  5. The prices are very good, but is he really good with projects with a high demand for players?
  6. But will you do tutorials on this?
  7. I have a question, Will there be more frames of attack?
  8. Thank you, now I understand
  9. OK, I like big maps reminds me of tibia Thanks for the answer.
  10. Look here again, probably someone has already asked this, but I wonder, how big a map can I make in the intersect? Will big maps give you problems?
  11. Okay, I'll look thanks for the answer.
  12. I wonder if the source code of the map editor will also be made available, does anyone know?
  13. I would like to know the minimum requirements for a system to run Intersect engine
  14. on the processor is intel pentium 4 (very old), I noticed that the problem is in shaders, for example I deleted the folder shaders and took usually the only problem is the creation of maps, just do not handle
  15. which would amd? I tested here and the 1.6 version of the Intersect handle from 1.7 forward not handle more.
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