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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone , my quest is quite simple , in my project players have issue with Players Killers and that can be a problem in the future, since i noticed that Guard NPC doesn't work i came to here, there's a way to do an system to prevent that? with common events or simple events? any ideas? Thanks in advance. <3 God bless.
  2. Hey Guys, I am trying to create a transformation skill that will increase players stats like max mana or health points by set percent(%) or that will create separate mana bar on the top with different color and will dissapear when that mana have been used. Is it possible within Common Event editor? Cheers!
  3. I haven't been able to test this myself since my editor won't work for some reason (waiting on an answer in the bugs section) but I've had a chance to briefly look at the event system. So I have a couple of questions. Questions; Is it possible to spawn an extra item on top of a player (like a "Corpse") when they die? Is it possible to grab the player's name and add it to the item? (like "Bob's Corpse") Is it possible to have players force teleported to an area in which they can only leave when X amount of players are killed (like last man standing?) Then could I have more players teleported in when the "round" ends? Is it possible to even randomly choose players to do this? I imagine if it was you could use the same thing to have a Runescape style random event system? Is it possible to track how many players a player has killed? Is it possible to spawn an item in a player's inventory if they reach a specific number? Is it possible to track this through zones? (Like you have an event block at the edges of each "zone" which switches a player variable called "InZone = 1" then have 1-50 be representatives of different "zones.") It's a bit important that the player's killed variable only applies to a single zone, since I'd like to recreate a tower from a certain novel I've been reading that rewards you based on how many kills you get. Is it possible to have the event system create and apply a buff/debuff? (For example, if a player enters a zone which is owned by Bob, when a player enters that territory can I have the event block grab the current zone owner's name and apply a buff so it appears like "Bob's Zone" where normal buffs appear? The type of buff being placed would be selected in Bob's zone control area (like a crystal console only he can use or something), so different zones can either put buffs or debuffs on players.)
  4. How do I turn off PvP combat in normal zone areas? I don't have it set to arena yet I can still attack and kill others. : /
  5. Hey there, i just want to know, how i can give specific players an specific item ingame? Is there a "code" or can i do it with the "insert function"? PalDiaray
  6. Please guys, i need to do an event when Player die's in game to teleport him to other map (not the first spawn map)...I tried open common event put "on respawn'' trigger and "conditional branch, players death" if > warp player, else > warp player... any idea? Printscreen:
  7. How can i find the stats to players in the game files? I'm trying to find the player levels to my html page so i can update which player is the highest etc. So where can i find which lvl each player ingame are?
  8. Hi!, My name is Carlos and I am developing an MMORPG game. Someone knows how it can be done when a player death drop the inventory?. Thanks
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