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Found 16 results

  1. Okay so, someone mentioned something about having a quest to build a house and then having the map change to have a house there. What does this mean for player visuals? Like if Player A hasn't done the quest, would he be walking through the building for player B? Likewise if you had a bridge appear, would player A be walking off a cliff to player B?
  2. Hello, Is it possible to make a dummy NPC (Basically an NPC that doesn't move and receives attack but doesn't attack back.) ? Thanks ~
  3. Hey Guys, I am trying to create a transformation skill that will increase players stats like max mana or health points by set percent(%) or that will create separate mana bar on the top with different color and will dissapear when that mana have been used. Is it possible within Common Event editor? Cheers!
  4. Hey there, is it possible to change tiles/background etc, with an event. I want to press a button to open a door. So if i pressed a button on the map, i'll see the open door and the button changes to a green button. And if it isn't possible, how i can open doors (delete Block Event) with an event (button)... Thank you for your answers, have a nice day, PalDiaray
  5. Hello, I'm using Intersect for some times now and I still be searching for something: How does Event Editor work? How can I put a NPC that does not Walk, and a NPC who sells items? I really need answers! Thank you all.
  6. Hey, i got a question about the event system. I tryed to yump forward and backward the event pages of 1 event npc with labels but that dont work. So is there a way to go over more pages on the events? when so how does this work? I cant figure out any way ... the only thing i know is that all events start on the last page. Kind Regards
  7. Event with Trigger on "Player Touch" This functionality working for you in v0.4.1.0? It does not seem to work for me ...
  8. Hi, When you make an Event and then you add text, the text color is always white. Is it possible to change the color of it?
  9. Hello all I ask everything is it possible by an event or other to make lose experience to a player? Thank You.
  10. Hello eveyone my question is quite simple, i make a class called ''adventurer'' and i need to know if it is possible to make that player ''adventurer'' get an event when he gets level 10, for example: an player gets level 10 and shows up on his screen "Congrats, u reach level 10, now u can choose one of that Classes to become". Any idea? Thanks in advance.
  11. I will post all of my knowledge about maps in here! How to make level restricment. So first you go to your editor and then Content Editor and click Switch and Variable Editor, after that you make a Switch called "Level restriction lvl xx" for this tutorial i will make it as "Royal Guard Test" and it would be players that already level 10. So, for players below level 10 can't go to the next area. Do it like so, After that go to map and then click the Event thing, After that name it Royal Guard or something you like, pick the suitable sprite (to make it more epic, add an Animation for the NPC) and for the first line, make the npc say that the map behind him is dangerous bla bla bla just make a story about it and then click the 2nd line and choose "Conditional Branch" and make sure you make it "Level is" and make it "Greater or Equal to" so the players that lvl 10 or greater than lvl 10 can go inside and and then in the first line, click it and then "Set Switch" and put your Switch that you made before like so, and after the Else put a showtext that saying that this player level is too low to enter the area. Like so P.S If you want to make it like SAO, make it Global Switches not Player Switches. So once a player already reach the required level, it will open for all the players. After that click the New Page and in the new page, put your sprite again and click the "+" icon on the Condition tab, above the sprite, and put the Royal Guard Test switch we made before and after that input Warp To in the first line, like so. And there you go, you just make a level restrict guard sorry for my bad english and for you to go back, just make another guard behind the Royal Guard Sprite (in the sacred place) that warps you to in front of Royal Guard again. Like so xD If you have any question, feel free to ask in the comments I will help you as best as i could!
  12. Please guys, i need to do an event when Player die's in game to teleport him to other map (not the first spawn map)...I tried open common event put "on respawn'' trigger and "conditional branch, players death" if > warp player, else > warp player... any idea? Printscreen:
  13. Hi, so today i made common event for login message, message of the day and so on. But right after if i wanna create another common event for death message, then login message aint working anymore. How do i make them both work at the same time? https://www.upload.ee/image/7430645/ad3.PNG https://www.upload.ee/image/7430646/ad2.PNG
  14. Hi again! Is it possible to move the 'face' from the event dialog? (You make an Event, then add text, and there you can put a 'face'. Is it possible to move the position of it?)
  15. Maybe this is a no brainer, but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out how to do this. Say you want it to create an npc that has a shop. How do you go about it? Do you apply an Event to an NPC to trigger the shop when you click/touch it? On the NPC creation section I don't see how to tie the shop event to the NPC? Or is this somehow done on the Event Section? I create an event, then attach the NPC sprite to the event? I can see you can attach an animation to the event and it can roam around, but thats not an NPC directly... Or do I create an event to trigger the shop and attach an animation of an NPC just idling there? I'm a bit confused here.
  16. Hey there, i just want to know how i can configure an event that close it after interact with it. Example: I'll open a chest in a game and gain some coins. After that the chest is open and i cant get more coins out of it. I tried the exit event processing, but it didn't help. PalDiaray
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