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  1. Dash can you just provide a example for me to give me some idea of how you can perform this? I have tried to make a new variable and conditional branches but it still doesn't work.
  2. Okay, so went in and fixed it by having the variables 'Set' instead of 'Add' so It sets the Level when the exp is reached. (Greater or equal too) At this point its showing the levels perfectly fine in the Journal but, would like the message that pops up (Congrats you have advanced a level in your fishing!) to stop re-popping up after every single fish that is caught an need it to only pop up when a certain Exp threshold is reached. I have tried to set switches and have tried to Exit Event Process but it doesn't seem to be working. Any suggestions Dash or anyone?
  3. So I had recently had time to mess with Intersect once more and figured it to be a fun idea to try and mess with certain aspects of the Common Events, The Resource Editor an, with the Variables for Skill making. So far I have made A item that keeps track of Your Current Level in said skill an the EXP of that skill. (Hoping to figure out how to work in it showing your "Till Next Level EXP" as well) However I seem to have run into a bit of an issue with The Logic/Flow during my dabbling and am hoping someone may have an idea or solution to this. So here is what is going down. *At first, the Resource I have works perfectly fine. It does well keeping track of everything smoothly up to the Point that I reach my first Level. After This point For every fish I manage an don't manage to catch It seems to gain a Level sometimes without the experience added due to Not really catching anything at all. As you can see i have Eight fish in my bag but they are only 5 EXP a piece and for test reasons the first level only needs 20 exp or Four Fish to reach the fishing level of 2. The next level I set was only 45 exp for Level 3 but as you can see i have gained a level for each fish after the first time the skill had leveled. So hopefully you can get a idea of what I am trying to do and what is going on. Here is The Common Event I have set up that is also hooked into the Resource Editor. If anyone can See what is wrong here and how to fix it or make it better Please Help me. Thank you greatly and hope to hear back from anyone soon. ~Shyy~
  4. @Taliel Studios Is it possible to be shown an example, and is it possible to still use the resources with the event? Namaste, ERAOR
  5. @eins Thank you, so i see what your saying but, is it possible to use the varibles or something to create skills such as Fishing or Foraging by having the player interacting with the resource tile? EX: Player is foraging and can only obtain and collect resources that his/her level in this skill allows. Gul-Gul berries give 23xp and can be sold for (Insert Currency here) per pick, Blood Oranges give 32xp and can be sold for (Insert Currency here) per pick. So the player sees that it is more profitable or maybe the item is consumable when cooked and useful for training and bossing. One Problem... Player only has a Foraging level of 12 and the Blood Oranges are a Level 15 or 20 item. so they have to find different ways to go about getting these levels. [You Gained 23 Foraging XP] [+23xp Gained In Foraging] [+23 Foraging XP] This is what i am looking for in a nut shell. the ability to summon pets would be granted through the leveling process and the right requirements were met. This is also the idea i had with the Optional Weapon efficiency skill. (player uses axes more often than Swords then he would hit harder when using that type of weapon.) I'd like to give my player a Hand Book or something that keeps track of the skills too if that is possible but that is for another question post. I hope this make sense to you all. i'm trying my best to describe it. Namaste, ERAOR
  6. Hello again! I Just a have a quick question about the possibility of multiple skills being leveled in game via Resource, Crafting an item, Completing a quest Ect. I am planning on having a mass array of skills that span from the ability to summon pets for tasks, to optional weapon efficiency (Sword users gain a bonus when using swords when the stat is at a certain level) To be fair i have tried messing with Variables and commen events to see if it would work but the only thing i can think of to use is an event but i am not sure if that would work either. I figure i did something wrong or missed a step somewhere when trying this before asking. So if there is anyway you can explain how to do this i would be extremely grateful. Namaste, ERAOR
  7. I didn't know they were automatically set to false, so i learned something new today! Its good to know that the switches are false, now I can use multiple pages and commands to make the event as desired! ~EX: [Page one] spawn condition set to 'False' code possible before interaction event "The stones seem to move when i'm not looking" [Page Two] Spawn condition set to 'True' Code after a possible Quest Start or Item helps seeing certain monsters "You use the ring of stealth and begin to see the rock move and take shape" Rock-slab Crab(s) Spawn~ everything went perfect an i have a better grasp on the Event\Logic Flow. You are a Saint JC, thank you again for the quick response.
  8. Currently i am working on an event that uses Player Switches and Multiple pages of event processes but, the problem i seem to be having is the Event Flow/Logic does not want to give me any bit of an inch to work around. I have looked around the forums and have even downloaded a handy guide by one of the users in the forum (Will give name later Sorry..) Yet i am still stuck and scratching my head. Now lets get into it: Currently my Event/Logic Flow looks like this so Far: Various Items are given to the player in this event and then you are given the option for a quest (Choosing the correct path of course) This seems to all work fine until I add the Starter Switch into the Event/Logic Flow and Add in the Spawn/Execution Condition: Everything is supposed to be blank like this so the event will despawn (Because you obtained the remains from the ground) *Also Page two is blank entirely the other screenshots were from earlier attempts below this one, I was a little lazy and didn't want to go back and re screen cap and file host over and over again.* The End result is unfortunately the event become uninteractable But it has despawned as desired so... What do i do now is the question and i could use the Help on this one. I hope this is organized enough and shows enough to give you a idea of what i am dealing with. Your Friend an Fellow Gamer/Maker, Eraor
  9. Thank you very much for cleaning that up for me JC!
  10. I was looking about and really couldn't find anything about this and i most likely over looked something or missed a small detail someplace but, What is the 'Points' for in the 'Character Info' Tab? Is it used for quest points? or some kind of stating? Please let me know. Thank you very much!
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