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    Do you have plans for webgl client, since you use mono?
  2. Ok it worked but still bounding boxes are small
  3. Soo I need to change sourcecode to achieve my goal?
  4. Not exactly that but it is cool :) you see that player sprite is the same size even if file is bigger. I want to know how to resize in game characters, bounding boxes etc. Also when you create npc from a big sprite is big in the game to.
  5. Is there a way and if it is than how to use player/monster/etc sprites that are bigger. I would like to use sprotes from unity asset: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/2d/characters/fantasy-heroes-4-directional-character-editor-147364 Also I would lite to use the same more hi rez sprotes for background, anims etc.
  6. boberski

    WIP Veridian

    Can you share old gfx set?
  7. Confucius would be proud...
  8. Harsh, but that is not the first time dude shows lazy attitude
  9. It is true in most parts, not everyone is intrested in making his own game, like me. I am more intrested in looking into code to see how it is written how the certain parts works. Also open os semi open source is good to have people like me looking and giving possible fixes. Also you can share it private with me or any one that will ask you, so it will not be public, bus still you will be albe to have other eyes to look into bugs etc. I have rule, if something is given for free and I find a way to improve it I will share that across community, polserver.com is an example I am at that community for years and I share my ideas for free with them
  10. Hey guys, this is question mainly for our two admins, did yoy guys tried to compile client into javascript to run it as web page? I mean with JSIL or Bridge.NET?
  11. Thats good clue, I will check that
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