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  1. EntitiesConvertor 1.03 is up ! Changelog : - Minors bugfix - Translation in English ! I'm thinking about a visual rework, here's what I have in mind, what do you think about it ? Next steps : - Dynamic spritesheet creator (drag&drop your 32x32 frame into a grid defined by user) proof of concept - Website rework
  2. EntitiesConvertor 1.02 is up ! Changelog : - Minors bugfix - Handle 4 to 3 columns now ! Next steps : - Translation in English - Dynamic spritesheet creator (drag&drop your 32x32 frame into a grid defined by user)
  3. New update ! Changelogs : - Handle bigger size than 32x32 spritesheet now ! - Height and width problem fixed (it was 300x150 by default, my bad) - Wrong starting x (1 px less and it was good)
  4. Hmm, can you send me a bigger spritesheet than 92x128 please, I haven't got one in my computer? I thought I'd already integrated it, I'll look at where the problem may come from Edit : I'll update it later, wrong canvas exported xd
  5. Hey everyone ! I started to dev a webtool, which (I think) could interest some creators. It's a simple spritesheet convertor 3 columns to 4 columns. How to use : Upload your 3 columns spritesheet, and that's it ! https://entitiesconvertor.web.app/home Actually, it's only a proof of concept, but it will evolve later. PM me if you're facing an issue.
  6. I'm interested to see how you maked this running, i tried with many switch, and common event without success
  7. Working on development branch (last commit : 50ed1cdc) with running system. Edit : Working after the last 4 commits pushed, last one : 0bee6757
  8. Maybe use a warp attribute to TP your player into the first map? idk if you want something like that, but I think it can works ! /!\ woops, mb, i didn't saw you don't want warp :x
  9. You probably did an error, could you screen it ? And you can change your character in-game if you need to test your change !
  10. Oui, mais sans connaissances en développement, tu risques surtout de perdre plus de temps... Tu devrais peut-être réfléchir à ce qui serait le plus rentable pour toi, quitte à y perdre un peu en qualité d'animation ! Surtout que t'as quand même pas mal de possibilité si t'arrives à capter certains tips :p
  11. Je ne comprends pas, si tu n'as pas de compétences en terme de développement, pourquoi partir sur Orion+ ? Autant travailler tout seul sur Intersect non? Sinon, je pense que tu trouveras pas grand monde sans détailler un peu plus ton projet, ou sinon uniquement des gens incompétents. Good luck quand même!
  12. Merci à toi, même si cela ne me sera pas non plus utile ! Pour les tiles, j'en ai trouvé pas mal sur des sites espagnols ou portugais, suffit de chercher un peu et on à tout ce qu'il faut de dispo à portée ! Ps : Content de te trouver ici Nageik, tu es bien celui de dbzo/db fight ?
  13. As-tu modifié ta configuration à un moment du côté serveur ? Si oui, surement une erreur dans la syntaxe, vérifie que tout est correct. Si non, regarde si ton fichier config du côté serveur est toujours présent, si non, remet en un a l'intérieur et retente.
  14. Did you modify any size into the game by .json ? If yes, which one ?
  15. You can edit it into the server config, line "ItemDespawnTime": 15000 (it's ms) !
  16. When you're editing your game, go to Tools --> Pack Client Textures
  17. Try to pack texture with your editor, it's how I fixed this issue !
  18. Good luck with your project ! It seems interesting !
  19. You need to copy the entire "EquipmentItem0" category (ressources/ gui/layouts/ game/ CharacterWindow.json), paste it below the last, and replace the number (0 to your slot number), bounds, etc. I can make you an exemple if you need, my english isn't really good enough to explain that.
  20. You can check our work with @Shortcube right here Our Trello !

    Or just join our discord ! ;)

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