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  1. Just want to say thank you for this. I kept spawning into blocked areas.
  2. So I went ahead and got a https://hosting.freemmorpgmaker.com server. I put the address and port in, but when loading client it says bad version. Any thoughts? Delete this. JC helped me get it all working. I now fully support the hosting servers.
  3. When I do that, I can't login and it says server offline. I'm trying to get the intersect server to connect to the VPS so I can see the public IP. Thank you and I have read, It's just not giving me the information on how to take steps to connect to the VPS.
  4. Ok, so I rented a server from kamatera.com. I created a server and have a ip adress. How and where do I change the config file in server. I want to at least be able to connect to my VPS I've been looking for hours and seen some posts, but nothing to really help a beginner. We need a tutorial for dummies on how to make a server so multiple people can work on one project.
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