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  1. Darknesslighter

    Slash Animation

    Is there anyone who has, or can make, an open source slash animation in the same form as the AGD white animations 1 till 6?
  2. Darknesslighter

    Dev Blog 2/6/2019 - UI Overhaul (Live Progress Thread)

    Lovely, it was definitely needed, however had low priority, keep it going!
  3. Darknesslighter

    Rain Tale Online

    Looks awesome if you'd ask me!
  4. Dear readers / community, I'm looking for an 'experienced' scripter who is able to pull off a few tasks for me within my Crystalshire Developer Edition (CS:DE) source: - Change Character and NPC sprites size from 32x32 to 64x64. - Create player-to-player trade function (graphics is done). - Help me to modify the Inventory, Bank and Shop interface graphics a little (few minor things). - Fully implement a "Multiple characters per account" system. - Create an "game updater" system for patches. - Fix a bug inside the Map Editor which causes the client to crash when you try to edit the X and Y map sizes. I am hoping someone is willing to help me out here, I know there are loads of Eclipse projects around with similar systems, and I dont mind if you'd use them as a base for the above mentioned systems from other sources, as long as it isn't scripted by a 14 y/o and will result in FPS loose or bugs due to their lack of knowledge! I am willing to provide a compensation or payment if I find a seriously, decent and communicative candidate willing to do the above Yours Sincerely, Darknesslighter
  5. Darknesslighter

    Dev Blog 11/8/2018 - Beta 5 Wrap-up

    Love all updates, looking forwards to it!
  6. Darknesslighter

    How parallax changes things.

    This aint parallax mapping. However you can try to get the same effect by the use of lightning / fog effects.