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  2. Ainz Ooal Gown

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    Regnum Online. Used to hammer it lol 2006 I think
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  4. Sweet Candy

    thread of nostalgic games [2010 or lower]

    I became too evil on this game with horns and bugs around my head hahahaha i love it ~ ♥
  5. What games bring nostalgia bring you? to my "Lineage 2" These were my characters on 2008 "Go back the time where you was happy" all memories back again ~ ♥ Post an image with your nostalgic game <3
  6. Yesterday
  7. Weylon Santana

    Heroes Apocalypse

    Stopped updates due to illness and other responsibilities. Now we are picking up where we left off to advance the further. New Ideas, projects and motivations. We are at full steam. I leave our first riddle. ''Perfection is a symbol of something to be worshiped, or a sign that chaos will come.''
  8. Weylon Santana

    Looking for a pixel artist

    My girlfriend can help with this. Send me details so I can pass it to her and then she'll say if she accepts the job, if you like ...
  9. XFallSeane

    Plate-forme de streaming légale : Libreplay [WEB]

    Bonsoir, Mise à jour du post, avec nouveaux screens et le lien vers l'application Android.
  10. Dashplant

    Local animations

    Right now I have this BEAUTIFUL fishing system: https://streamable.com/hk1nn Only it doesn't really work with multiple players because the animations play for everyone. So when you have like 5 players fishing on the same tile, it becomes impossible to know who is catching a fish and who is still waiting. Would be nice to have an extra checkbox where you can choose if an animation is played for the player only, or for everyone. -> Probably fits nicely in the event system, or a checkbox on the animation editor
  11. Dashplant

    More map options

    Would be cool to have some checkbox to what happens / is possible in a map instead of some presets only. Even with the options that are in now, you can already make like 6 maps types instead of the limited options we have now. What does Arena even do? Options that would be nice to set per map in my opinion: Can walk through player Can attack player Drop no items on death Drop all items on death
  12. KyleH112

    Looking for Work Host Here

    I was originally going to host dxxknight's game but he hasn't replied for 3 weeks, I know he did start a new job so he's probably to busy to work on his game now. Anyways, I have a basic AMD FX-8350 8 core 32GB RAM Liquid Cooled home server im offering up for FREE hosting, why free? My home server is online 24/7 anyways so why not offer it up for community hosting. Interested or have questions? Send me a private message
  13. YoshiGirl

    Development Blog

    Dragonia News
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  15. Still alive. Little sunburnt. Hope you all are doing well. Home soon!

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    2. Oddly


      I've been setting things on fire since your departure.

    3. The Bunny Gamer

      The Bunny Gamer

      I've not been on much

      @Oddly @panda 


      *Edit 5 mins later: Oh I only just GOT that :p

    4. jcsnider


      Anything less than total thermo nuclear war around here would have left me disappointed @Oddly @panda

  16. Dashplant


    Took me like 7 hours to get it right: https://streamable.com/hk1nn Very happy with the result. It's better with sound so try it ingame!
  17. HELP I'm use Windows 7 I cant open the server Error
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