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  2. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would happen to know if mutes and bans are automatically undone after the given duration expires? If so, would you also know where in the code it checks if the duration has expired? I have looked around the code for a while and haven't been able to find anything that checks if the EndTime is less than the current time. I also haven't been able to get the unmutes to work. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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  4. https://www.ascensiongamedev.com/topic/4967-dev-blog-452020-beta-62-development-ongoing/?do=findComment&comment=45824
  5. I know that and used the scripts the way you said, but some stopped working when I changed the variable's place, it worked again. I don't remember if they were all in if or not, but I know, deciding to warn you, it's a small detail, but it can make a difference, since then it's always how I use it.
  6. If that were the case my prof of concept would not have worked (6.2 in the example). Changing a variable inside the result of the if statement does not effect the if statement, as the conditional branch has already done its check and moved on.
  7. New Ui Made by me, using a free internet interface base. - v0.7 MAIN MENU INGAME
  8. I would just like to make a correction to your script, the logic of the intersect has changed a little in 6.2. The "Set variable to true" should be the last command, below the message successful in chat. This is because when you set it to true, it goes out of the "if it is false" condition, so it doesn't reproduce the rest of the script. It has been like that in b6.2
  9. We've increased the Bank Expansion max rows
  10. Well give the item and set a player variable or even a self switch for that claim and toggle it. something like this. Variable Editor: (unique ID optional incase you need to call its value at a later date in a text box etc.) Event Example on map Prof of concept You could go further with this making seperate pages with spawn conditions using the variable if you dont want the npc to show after they claim the item etc. When you want to run a new claimable item make a new variable and update the event with the new variable to check. You can take this further with yes or no text boxes and other things, you can even go as far as using the system time in a variable to compare time differences etc for daily claims (all in ms btw)
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  12. No. IntersectCMS would require a webhost of some sort I believe.
  13. Im planning to purchase a slot. Is it possible to also run IntersectCMS on the same server?
  14. Actually we have lots of capacity available. Just updated stock for NA and EU.
  15. If you need to ban a player via console, type
  16. Doug

    Server Commands

    Press Insert while in-game as a admin, Type the Player Name, and Click on kick or ban. Or go through the server and type the name you wanna kick or ban. Easiest is pressing insert and going that route I suggest. @Ruby
  17. @defaultxOH YEAHHHH A EVENT NPC! But how to refresh the event when I make a new event? To avoid it infinity rotating back to 0, Do I keep adding pages on or ?
  18. There are a couple ways to accomplish this and unfortunetly none are how you would want. You can make a /command for users to claim an item, or you can create an auto run even like weylon santana suggested, or create an npc that gives the item away and change it using the editor when you want it to go away, keep in mind that all these methods would need to leverage variables to toggle claims. But unfortunely you cant use a /command for a global give away like you would hope, at least not without source edits.
  19. I find it a difficult question. Try to create 1 global variable. and 2 common events. In / command the event sets the variable to 1 or on. and the second event in autorun checks if the global variable is 1, and delivers the item and sets the variable to 0.
  20. This looks amazing literally the best game I've seen on this forum! When is this coming out? This is 100% not intersect so I'm so stoked to play.
  21. I was wondering how to make a command that gives items to all players on the server by typing the command in common event. Example: /giftallsword How would I setup my Common Command to gift all the sword by typing that command.
  22. the auto increment was disabled on column... fixed and about tiny... https://ascensiongamedev.com/resources/filehost/394a6884e0bcc031a8854fc134428aaa.png
  23. I hope you have an april fools version of that comissioned where it says Triathlon, and has several finish lines along the road with a stretch of water somewhere at the end. (All joking aside, that looks good!)
  24. Slime boss concept also a title screen concept
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