I'm looking to have a tile set made. I like spriting but I don't have a whole lot of free time, plus I'm kind of bad at it.

Was hoping to do a dark-tech themed universe. So Half (ish) Neon Cyberpunk kinda sci-fi (so like Metroid Prime meets Star Citizen), with hints of life kinda like the feel from Ori and the Blind Forest.

Was hoping for whatever the artist would consider as a "standard set":
Shops, homes, tech buildings (energy harvesters, watermill, windmills, server scrapers) , ruins
Roads, paths, new sets of flora types that fit a "dark and poisonous, but really pretty" mindset
several types of natural water/animation (waterfall, springs, tainted, electrified)

The whole shabang, with auto-tiles in mind. Willing to talk out further specifics, in general I was thinking of starting with whatever I can fit on 1 tileset. 2 if it's not too pricey or maybe more If I can work in bulk. So willing to negotiate on prices.

I know what I have in my head, I'm just not sure how to communicate it out, any questions appreciated so I can also refine my inquiry.

REFERENCES: <--- I chose this palette out to kinda give a feel to what I'm talking about. <--- Ori Feel <--- Star Citizen Feel

If you're down for a bit of synesthesia <---


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