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  1. I'm also researching a way to create scripts in the editor, is would either be either C# or Python. I will probably do python as it will be easier to learn for non-programmers (From what I hear I have yet to use python).
  2. True. I will probably search for some models soon. Update 16/05/17 The editor is roughly 30% completed, Server is roughly 80% completed. I have almost finished the importer, so you can import your own assets. Once I finish that then I'm gonna search and fix any bugs I can find.
  3. Hello, I have shown a few pictures but I hope to get more out soon. I need someone willing to share models that I can use to get some pictures. I'm almost finished with the editor, and I intend to share some pictures sometime this month.
  4. MMXV 3D is built specifically for MMORPG's, it could work for your game, but I do not recommend using this for that style of game. A player model cannot be changed once it is created after character creation, you could trick the system, and make the character model empty, and use armor piece's to simulate a body instead, but there would be no animations. It would be easier to start from scratch, MMXV will add a lot of unnecessary additions to your game. It would be inefficient for your game. Though it is possible to make this style of game.
  5. Well atm the engine is only for MMORPGs And it is using a height map for terrains. I intend to create a Node editor, and you will be able to use that to create procedural terrain. But I recommend using Unity3d for your game/s.
  6. Update 27/04/2017 I have almost completed the main editor. The main editor is much like Unity3d it will also have smaller editors such as an item editor that are connected to the main editor. I am also working on some UI and models to try and get better pictures. Right now I am working on a way to import new models, animations, textures, sounds & music, and more. The engine has now has 100+ Textures (2592 X 2592 pixels) along with their Normal, Height and Specular maps by default.
  7. They are all aligned, they just look off in the picture. I'm not 100% sure why but I think its just quality settings and the quality of the picture.
  8. I have now started working on the editors. They will be heavily based on the Unity design & Layout. If you know how to use unity, this will be very easy for you to learn.
  9. I got cubes that are players, they can hurt each other Update: Well, that went well, I was working on making some UI and stuff for pictures and my little brother walked in and was watching, he then decided to press the big blue button on my desktop computer.... Power button... So yeah hopefully I can get some pictures out by tonight. Update: There ya go, it's beautiful! Ohh found a bug in this picture! Max health 106, took 6 damage now I have 101 should be 100. Could have been health regen but it should not be so fast. - Patched
  10. What would you like to see? Editors don't exist yet. models are non-existent atm. it's extremely bare, only code.
  11. Update 19, 20, 21/04/17 19/04/17 - Mysql Database - Players, Monsters, NPCs - Quest Indicators - PvP System - Secure network - Login and Character Selection 20/04/17 - Fixed network-related bugs - Multiple Channels for chat - Critical hits and Blocking - Attributes - Items & Gold - Skills, Skillbar, Skill Levels 21/04/17 - Looting - Trading - Item shop - Crafting - NPC Trading and Quests I have been spending almost 20 hours a day working on this engine. I have to setup ranks, Player, Moderator, Admin, Owner. I will soon start on the editors, the Map editor is the first task.
  12. Update 18/04/2017 I have decided I'm going to make it standalone. Sorry for the small update, not much has happened.
  13. Update 26/02/2017 I have not given up, I am still working on this very often. I am remaking the Server & UI. The editor comes packed with a node editor, animations, and 3d modeling tools to allow maximum customization. The node editor is much like Unreal's blueprints. The editor will also come with a scripting editor, You will be able to use familiar scripts much like c# to do more complex things. The editor is much like the 2d ones, And if you know how to move an object around in 3d space that's about all you need to create any map you want. The editor comes with many different models to get you started. I have heard of these game engines. I will check them out when I get a chance!
  14. Update 31/01/2017 I have been thinking about this tool, and I think I have come to the conclusion that I am going to stop development for now. there are already soo many tools and assets out there to create MMO's. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/10589 -- Ultimate MMO RPG Kit https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/13867 -- uMMO https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/51212 -- uMMORPG https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/19339 -- Atavism 2 And that's only a few from the unity's asset store, I am not quitting on this tool, I will continue researching and learning how I can improve it, and I hope to one day finish it. I will continue this engine but allot of unexpected changes took place in my life. I intend to recreate this engine from the ground up.
  15. Yea I think it bugged, it thinks that is still the first poll. To anyone that cannot vote please comment instead