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  1. Oh my god, I remembered to actually do this. So this is my work space. All the plans on the wall are for a project I'm working on (England's biggest housing development at the moment <Chuffed Trump Face>). Bonus likes to the person who can name it. Best feature is the unlimited coffee. Also. found this unknown/uninformative/mysterious/possibly a threat note from a colleague just now.
  2. I should take a photo of my work space tomorrow.
  3. It's wonderful to see an MMORPG maker which works. And gets updated. And is making the progress the original decade(s?) have attempted and unfortunately failed to attain. Good job, guys.
  4. How are you feeling today Azkakan



    1. Murdoc


      Cheer up buddy, life is worth living

  5. Nah, just greedy. Two screens.
  6. 3200x1080. Happy New Year!
  7. /End Thread.
  8. Dear JC, Unfortunately on this occasion, your annual leave has been rejected as we'll need you to work on the Saturday, too. Please forward any queries or concerns to HR. Kind Regards, Azkanan.
  9. Got my first assignment grading back. Distinction. :D


    1. Dr.House


      Disability not Distinction

    2. Azkanan


      Oh no. It's spreading.

    3. PhenomenalDab
  10. In all honesty... I probably would have led a far more productive and outdoorsy life if not for Marsh.