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  1. This dev blog is a year old now. EDIT: Apparently I can't count, my bad
  2. Introduce Yourself Thread!

    @MintMap Welcome to the forums!
  3. Was fun

    Oh damn, I had no idea! RIP Lumiere/Dr. House, you will be missed.
  4. Moderation Team Updates

    Congratz @Gibier!
  5. Moderation Team Updates

    Those are good choices, I'm sure they will do a fantastic job
  6. Graphics Graphics Style vote

    I like the second style in the original post.
  7. Prior Videogame Experience Research Study

    Completed the survey!
  8. 3D Cut the shit with paint3D

    I might have nightmares now
  9. WIP Nimue

    Wow, this looks really nice. Good luck with the project! If only it wasnt all in spanish...