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  1. @Nemwad Welcome to the community!
  2. Exactly.
  3. Looks clean, has a unified style and is easy to navigate. I like it a lot, good job!
  4. I feel like a bit of a mix between the two is the best. Free roam style maps are definitely more fun to explore (at least for me) and look more natural and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You can then combine the two styles and make a "denser" part of the forest, serving as a wall or a map boundary while still relatively keeping the natural look of the map.
  5. @Refur Oh yeah, Mac is definitely crazy haha.
  6. @Refur Reminds me of Mac DeMarco!
  7. @jcsnider @Kibbelz What do you guys think about these? I think these could be great additions
  8. Hiding the layers is a very cool and useful feature! Great job!
  9. This is definetly very useful resource! Together with your amazing music, everyone working on a project should check your site out! However it took me a while to orientate among all those category buttons, maybe some restructuralization to make it easier to find things would be nice.
  10. Glad to see beta finally out! Great work guys!
  11. My guess is that this will be possible to remove personally after the source is released.
  12. Winning!
  13. I wish everyone happy new year as well, hopefully this one will be less hectic!