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  1. I'm doing a translation into English.
  2. @Zetasis I always liked XP. Also, I started the project 2 years ago, at the time there was still in MV and MV does not use Ruby, language used in XP's RGSS and one of my favorites. @ClownPrince In the official forum there are already some translations for English and Spanish http://www.aldeiarpg.com/t13420-npd-translation-to-ingles All this is possible, because there is a script called Vocab that concentrates all the texts of the client, which allows an easy translation. Anyway, I plan to do a translation for english in the next version
  3. The first version of Netplay Diamond is now available! Read the Readme file to learn how to make the server work. The project language can be easily changed in the Vocab script.
  4. @Puregamemale Put the dll in the server folder.
  5. Netplay Diamond Author: Valentine Version: 1.0.0 About: Netplay Diamond is a structure for creating 2D online games. It is currently considered a beta, and is still in active development, so do not be surprised if some things still do not work. Images: » Login » Character creation » Shop » Trade Download: 4shared Mega Tips: 1) How to make the server work: To learn how to make the server work, see Read me. 2) Data update: Use the converter when you make any changes to the map, classes and/or enemies of the database. The converter updates the server information, ensuring that there are no errors. Credits: Creator: Valentine Thanks to everyone who contributes to the following systems: Socket: Paulo Soreto Input: Blizzard Resolução: Paulo Soreto, PedroHLC e Poccil Thanks also: Paulo Soreto Cidiomar Kaique Hunter Terabin
  6. Evolution Maker By: Valentine Version: 1.0.0 Images: Client: Editor: Site: Download: Engine Library Site Config Graphics Mysql connector odbc 3.51.27 - win32 WampServer Tips: If after the installation of the Eloria Libraries there is still an error in some dll, go to run and type: Now replace name_of_the_dll by the name of the dll that appears in the error message and click OK. Credits: Valentine Robin
  7. Error Description: If the player types space-separated words, the word wrap works perfectly. However, if the gamer types a continuous text (no spaces) the word wrap does not work as it should. Look: The system should work like this: Player: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa And not: Player: aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa It's a little bug, but I'm reporting it here if nobody noticed.