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  1. What-the-hell? Either you're completely getting ripped off or you have coosen a very bad plan. /edit: Thinking about it, probably both... and jeah, OVH.com has a 20$ Windows VPS that should suit your needs.
  2. Is hosting more expensive in the us than here in europe? 15$ for a 4gb ram vps is far from a good deal over here. I currently pay a little less than 10$ for a 6gb ram KVM-VPS with a decent host in germany.
  3. @Domino_ it is already using SQLite So switching to MySQL should be easy once the source ist out. /edit: Oh no, too late
  4. Wait.... what? Why? Just make a Warp. Warp is under Attributes in the Editor.
  5. You can change that at the bottom of Server\resources\config.xml I actually played around with this a litte bit, and it seems to work fine for 16x16 tiles. The map height and width can also be increased to a maxium of 64 tiles, before running into a hardcoded limit. Please take note that this is not recommended tho. I guess it's not really tested and may break some things. There is even a big warning in the config.xml:
  6. No, i don't think thats possible without the source code.
  7. Yes, it is this theme: https://blackrockdigital.github.io/startbootstrap-grayscale/