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  1. Hello Ascension Community, I am currently developing a game based around Norse Mythology called Realms of Midgard. I am planning on using the default intersect resources as I think they have the most upside in this community for finding artists. So with that being said the next thing I am in desperate need of is a logo for my game. Below I will provide you with a few details on what I want the logo to look like if at all Possible. The first thing and probably the most obvious is the logo will be the name of the game which again is going to be call " Realms of Midgard " The next thing is the font, I would like to have something similar to this https://fontmeme.com/fonts/norse-font/ if at all possible. Another thing I request is to keep it simple as this will be a 2D game I would prefer to have the logo look like it is for a 2D game rather than a 3D game. Finally, go crazy and have fun creating this because ultimately this art will be yours and I will be giving you full credit for your work. Thanks in advance and if you have any questions please feel free to ask
  2. Just now attempted this method and it still gives me the same error. ***EDIT*** Correction, I forgot to restart my computer after the update. The problem is now solved so thank you very much!
  3. Every time I try to start up my server I keep getting the following errors!! " The Intersect Server has encountered an error and must close " The logged error message is the following: 2018-12-04 05:09:40.673 [Error] Received unhandled exception from . 2018-12-04 05:09:40.698 [Error] Message: Method not found: '!!0[] System.Array.Empty()'. 2018-12-04 05:09:40.698 [Error] Stack Trace: at Intersect.Server.ServerStart.Start(String[] args) 2018-12-04 05:09:40.699 [Error] Time: 12/4/2018 5:09:40 AM What I have already done to attempt to resolve: 1. Added to my firewall safe list. 2. Attempted to run as administrator. 3. Rebooting my computer. 4. deleted and reinstalled. Any help you can provide with this would be awesome, I have been away from the intersect engine for awhile and have recently decided to start using it again for another project. ****EDIT**** As an extra troubleshooting step I went back and downloaded beta 4.9 and the server will load up without any issues so the issue is related to something that changed in 5.0
  4. First I would like to start by saying that I am not 100% sure if this is where I should be posting this request if not please let me know where I should be posting guide requests. The issue that I am facing is the floating character name. The character that I am using is a bit on the smaller side of the float ends up being too high above my characters head. The question that I have is how do I adjust the height of this or is there a way to remove it until someone hovers their mouse over the character?
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