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[WIP] The Element of Eternity


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Initially developed for the One Button Game Jam

Created with Unity 5.4 by Nate [Palisade Studio]


Game Jam Build: https://itch.io/jam/one-button-to-rule-all-jam/rate/80668


The Element of Eternity is a 'duel-based' 2D PC game (plans for iOS and Android) that places you on the saddle of a poor adventurer who must battle through tiers of monsters in order to level up and collect loot. The vast environment of species on the planet have unearthed the magic behind conjuring the elements of land, fire, and water - and now it is your chance to harness the power it brings.


Current Features:

  • 16 Different monsters.
  • 12 Items. (8 of which are 'paperdolled')
  • 3 Lanes of offense/defense.
  • 4 Elemental projectiles. (Fire, Water, Earth, Aether)
  • Character naming + progression.


Planned Features:

  • Character customization.
  • Interactive tutorial.
  • Multiple game modes. (Multiplayer, Loot Hoard, Campaign [2 Planned Updates/Expansions], Survival)
  • More monsters, more items, expand to 4 lanes.
  • Story to encapsulate the campaign and element features.
  • Fully custom soundtrack [WIP]
  • UI Overhaul


Some early Screenshots:


New Interface (August 24th)




Main Menu



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4 minutes ago, Kibbelz said:

Looks good however I don't know how you can achieve this with only 1 button? Unless you've ignored that rule since I assume you're now advancing it past the game jam. The graphics look super good though!


Though it is one button, the rules stated I could still utilize multiple functions of the button. Double tap, tap and hold, single tap, etc. Just couldn't use any mouse click positions in-game.

As I progress through the public/commercial release beyond the game jam I think I'll have to open up functionality to keep things clean, especially with multiplayer modes.


The UI is currently bland with black/grey colours but I only have so much time so I decided to focus on mechanics rather than UI look and feel... until the game jam is over ;)


Thanks a lot, Kibbelz! :)

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49 minutes ago, Murdoc said:

Looking great, I love the art style and game modes.

Thanks Murdoc!


The only graphics I actually made myself were the paperdoll versions of the popular item set by Henrique (7Soul?) on the sprites from a set called Time Fantasy. They are available for purchase from the author for $10.00 USD and $15.00 for the character set, and enemy/monster set.


Lots of other ones available too.


I will, however take credit for the game modes. I mean, "Campaign"? Who would have thought of that aside from a totally original genius... ;)

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2 hours ago, yeroC said:

Looks good dude! I'm really interested in how this is ganna be executed using only one button.

Thank you muchly!


With the restriction of using only one button, I think it takes a large chunk of expectation out of it being a 'strategy' game and weighs more on luck with a very linear 'story'.


When I release a public version that's not a game jam submission I will have more freedom to change things up if I want. If it's a hit with one button though; I won't fix what's not broken.


Happy about the interest, guys - thanks so much :)

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Added a link to the Game Jam submission page for TEOE!


Still very early and I got a little over ambitious for a 2-week Game Jam but more development is on its way. The UI overhaul will make everything look incredible.

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