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WIP ManaSoul


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ManaSoul is a magical upcoming Intersect project designed by the team behind Leafling. This project is the culmination of almost a decade of Intersect experience and years of experiencing creating, running, and managing a live game made with the engine. With ManaSoul we hope to offer a unique and fun experience in the beautiful world of Valeyra!





In ManaSoul you play the part of a young mage setting forth to start their first day in ManaSoul Academy, a prestigious academy designed to foster the best and the brightest into Mages who can take on the Collosseum.

Throughout your gameplay you will learn new magicks, fight powerful bosses, explore the beautiful and vast open-world, and solve puzzles. While we do plan to have an impressive end-game content catalogue, we have decided to take a more old-school approach on levelling by catering the levelling experience to be a longer, but more engaging and fun, experience as opposed to a number generator designed to be rushed through.




ManaSoul uses Elemental Affinities as opposed to a traditional Class System. At the beginning of the game you may take a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon inspired quiz to select your Element via your personality, or you can choose manually!

The Element you choose doesn't guarantee you a certain playstyle, but it does effect the type of spells in each school you can learn.


FIRE - Fire Magicks focus on intensity, whether it be in the form of destruction or healing. Many Fire spells have effects that linger on a target, continuing their effect long after the spell has cast.

WATER - Water Magicks are calm, serene, and focused on supportive effects. There have been many powerful offensive Water Mages however. Many Water Spells restrict enemy movement.

EARTH - Earth Magicks are strong and stable. Typically requiring the longest casting times, Earth Spells pack a punch in any form, though they excel at defensive magicks.

WIND - Wind Magicks are flowing and free, boasting the fastest casting times. Wind Mages are jacks of all trades, being able to excel in most Schools of Magick.



There are also a variety of Sub-Classes players can unlock via in-game methods. These Sub-Classes offer 3 unique spells that players can mix and match into their builds. On release we expect to have the following Sub-Classes:

*Draconic Magick
*Light Magick
*Dark Magick

*Time Magick

*Nature Magick

*Magma Magick

*Ice Magick

*Arcane Magick

*Spellblade Magick

*Trueshot Magick

*Guardian Magick




We currently no hard-coded custom features as a big goal of this project is to focus strictly on game design and stretch the base features of the engine to their maximum where possible. We do however have a host of custom systems and features created through other means:


*Fully Open-World map with plenty of handcrafted content scattered throughout

*Gacha System for additional loot with no way to spend real world money on them, enjoy the fun of Gacha without the wallet pain!

*Create your own playstyle with our point buy levelling system. Each point can be spent to improve in a different School of Magick

*Handcrafted and instanced in-game cutscenes

*Fully paperdolled equipment

*Custom GFX designed off of the intersect base templates

*Unique Soundtrack with over 20 tracks

*Telegraphed enemy attacks, dodge!

*Ranked and Unranked PvP Arena for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3

*Guilds with Guild Wars and Guild Housing

*Useable World Map item that updates with your location!

*Open world exploration rewards you with chests and exp! Level to max just via exploration!

*Let the game select your class based on a personality quiz




ManaSoul Academy Entrance




Sapphire Path







The Ruby Crag (WIP)





More Coming Soon!

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On 7/1/2023 at 4:49 AM, Artheios said:

Hello if you're interested in some more graphics give me a call, i've got some stuff in my wallet. Happy to see that you're working on a new game.


I really appreciate the offer, but I'm excited to use ManaSoul as a grounds to show off my massive improvements in Pixel Art, so doing the art is part of the fun for me. Thank you so much though!

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