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Concept My engine's camera system


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So, I've been working on an engine as well, and for quite a while now--but I've never finished it, since I keep starting over from scratch.


This time I was able to salvage a lot of the logic from a previous attempt, so I've gotten pretty far relative to the week or so that I've spent back on it now.


Here's a video demonstrating my camera system; right now, my engine is not chunk-based, so when the camera hits the edge of a map, it will stop scrolling, and the player moves from the center of the screen. Eventually I'll make it work for chunks so you get an open world, but this is the first step in getting there:


(Watch in HD so you can see the code--it will help explain what's happening, since there's no sound)



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Lol, guys, of course it's basic. It's the camera; not much else to show off so far.


Yes, javascript--generally, form what I've found, if you don't like it, you don't know how to write it properly (there are many new language features that make it decent). In any case, JS allows for multi-platform, including the web, without a lot of work, so in my mind, it's the best language for a 2D engine in an age when 2D is fading away.


The aim for the engine is to both be multiplayer and single player, so as a creator, you could choose which when you make your game.

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I don't know Sky, Chief has a point there but I like low level C++ or a higher level C# but when your target platform is Web, Mac, Linux (heck even mobile) JavaScript seems to be a pretty good language to use (plus there are some awesome JavaScript game engines/frameworks if you're into that).

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