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Video Series Tutorial on Youtube

Weylon Santana

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Hey guys, my name is Weylon, and I've been hanging around the forum here and there, I'm an old user. Today I'm starting a youtube channel aimed at Intersect, because there aren't that many tutorials on youtube, due to its popularity.

The focus of the channel will be to teach all the features of the Intersect quickly and simply, the goal will be that all videos contain approximately one minute of explanation to be  straight to the point and as simple as possible. Because I am Brazilian I will NOT speak in the videos, but I will support the videos with English and Portuguese languages with subtitles, so that other beginners from other countries can enjoy the content.


I will update this topic with every new video.


If you support this initiative, and have questions about the engine, you can get help here (of course), but you can also get it through the video comments, If you support this initiative, subscribe to the channel, all comments and constructive criticism are welcome.


The channel will be aimed at people who do not know how to program (like I'm) or are in their first contacts with Intersect


All content will be based on my knowledge, current documentation or explanations in the wind (what developers are talking about here or there), If you are more experienced than me, I accept your help with video tips, content and so on.


Game Developers

As I always need to be in constant search of content for the Intersect, often when I'm explaining something, I can (or want to) leave a gameplay of a game running in the background of the video. So if you have an online game running, feel free to send it to me along with your game logo, because in those moments I mentioned, I'll leave your game running in the background with his logo somewhere, and of course , link to your game in the description, thus strengthening the engine's popularity a little, always showing games made with the engine.


Videos List




Thank you all for your time and attention.

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On 3/21/2022 at 3:17 PM, JediMaster123 said:

are you going to continue the videos?

Hello, yes, yes, I intend to, I've been busy with other things (studies) and I've run out of time, but next month I intend to continue, and I intend to cover all the details of the engine (that I know of course)

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I'm going back to making videos. I deleted the old ones because I'm going to change the way I make videos, using only gameplay (video and music) and subtitles. This way it will be less work for me, as I will only have to record my screen and edit the video and write the subtitles. Still, because of the time, I hope there will be at least 1 video per week (on Sundays)


First new video.


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