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ShareX + AGD Uploader!!


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ShareX is a quick screenshot/video capture application. You can define hotkeys to capture a part of or your whole screen and then that screenshot will immediately upload to the location of your choosing.  You can also upload files by right clicking on them anywhere on your machine and clicking "Upload with ShareX".  It makes day to day file and image sharing a lot quicker.




ShareX simply saves time.

If you want to take a screenshot and upload it in windows you have to hit PrintScreen. Open Paint or some other image editing program and paste the screenshot there. Then if you only want to upload a specific region of your screen you gotta cut that out. Then you gotta save your image somewhere, find a site to upload it, do that, and then copy the link and paste the link to share it.

With ShareX all you gotta do is enter the hotkey and it does the rest. It is a 1-2 step process versus a 6-7 step process. ShareX also does files and videos (saves more time) and if you upload more than 1-2 things a day it starts saving you 30 minutes to an hour of time each week.




Just to show the process I took a ShareX video of taking a ShareX screenshot -- the second I selected the area it copied the link to my clipboard where that image could be found online. You can see the image above and how quickly I did it.


Get ShareX Here!



For those who want to upload their files straight to the AGD filehost I have written a custom uploader for ShareX.  

Setup Instructions:

  1. Download the agd_sharex_uploader.json file attached to this post.
  2. Open ShareX
  3. In ShareX Click Destinations -> Destination Settings
  4. On the left hand side scroll down to the bottom. Click custom uploaders.
  5. In the Custom Uploaders menu click import -> from file.
  6. Select the agd_sharex_upload.json file.
  7. In the Arguments section click on username and add your forum username as displayed on the site. (This is case sensitive)
  8. In the Arguments section click on password and add your password for this site.
  9. Close the Destination settings window.
  10. Back on the ShareX main window click on Destinations and change all of your destinations to File Uploader > Custom File Uploader.



If you have questions about this uploader configuration or ShareX in general feel free to post them here. This is a sweeet application and stuff hosted here will remain alive until the site dies. Please don't abuse our service though we have limited space and bandwidth.


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When ShareX will be abandon it will have many chance to find it on website of download or website of abandonware.


About if the software will be fonctionnal I think yes. The application is probably connected to the true server of app.

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Due to changes made this evening the ShareX uploader must be changed to include HTTPS.


If you are using the AGD Uploader please download and install the updated configuration attached to the original post OR edit your destination settings so that it uploads to 




instead of



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