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Beefy Kasplant

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Welcome to the Kash Shop! 

We got Sky high quality patches, Dog. 


Do you also love Intersect, but feel like some features are missing to really take your game to the next level? Do you also prefer not to break the bank for these features? 




We got together a couple of developers who will make patches and put them up for sale for a decent price. Because the developers keep the right to distribute the patches to others, you pay only a fraction of the price of what you normally would. 


NOTE: Buying a patch is for personal use only. The buyer does not have the right to distribute the patch or a modified patch, for free or paid, without the express permission from the patch developer.

Patches are guaranteed to work on vanilla Intersect of the versions stated in the patch description. Once the version mentioned in the ‘support update’ is released, we will release an update to make all patches compatible with that version. All patches from the Kash Shop are guaranteed to be compatible with each other unless otherwise stated.

If you have patches applied outside of the Kash Shop, a version of Intersect that the patch was not built for, or an otherwise edited version of Intersect, we cannot guarantee the patches work. We will try to keep our patches compatible with the most popular patches, but in some cases it’s out of our control. 




Learn how to make your fork private: Private Repo


List of patches: 


Loot indicator: On screen text notification of item pickup.

Price: FREE


Item drop: Gives the illusion of items actually "dropping" on the ground when being dropped from enemies or inventory

Price: FREE


Mobile NPCs: Utilizes A* Pathfinding to give npcs a point in a given range to path to over time.

Price: $5


Map type editor: Map Types are now a custom property to be set on a per map basis.

Price: $15


Loss Prevention Item: Create an item or piece of equipment that prevents your items from being dropped on death.

Price: $5


Item Stack Limits: Set a set stack size for stackable items

Price: $30


Startup ArgumentOnly launch the client through your game launcher

Price: FREE


Single Instance: Only allow one client of your game opened on a PC

Price: FREE


Experience Loss on Death: Configurable experience loss on player death

Price: $1


Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade: Gives option to developers to migrate their game and player databases to Microsoft SQL Server. Allows for both Integrated/Windows and SQL Server User accounts

Price: $10


Alternative Port Checker: An alternative to the AGD Port Checker

Price: FREE

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