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Untested [$10] Microsoft SQL Server Upgrade

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Patches are guaranteed to work on a vanilla Intersect with the version numbers below. All Kash Shop patches are guaranteed to work together unless otherwise stated. 


Get it here!


Built for: Intersect and Intersect


Updated once a week to work with the Intersect STABLE branch (Stable branch at the time of creating this patch is

Support guaranteed up until the first version of Intersect STABLE 0.6.3 (Guarantee might extend based on the popularity of the patch.)


Of course we offer support if you have problems installing the patch! Just reply to this topic!


Disclaimer: The patch might work on later versions of Intersect, but be careful with updating when you are using Kash Shop patches. The patch is only guaranteed to work on the version the patch was built for.


Patch description: Gives option to developers to migrate their game and player databases to Microsoft SQL Server. Allows for both Integrated and SQL Server User accounts.


If you don't understand what the patch does, you don't need it.




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No, but that does sound like a good idea for me to spin up and test. I like it because now I can put databases on my webhost which gives me unlimited MSSQL space.


I was also curious so I did some crude testing and some research:


Turns out, depending on your use is how you should decide which to go with. According to SQLite Org - When To Use , SQLite is not made for High Concurrency uses. This means if you have multiple programs writing to the same SQLite database, SQLite is not always the best options compared to products designed for it like MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

"SQLite supports an unlimited number of simultaneous readers, but it will only allow one writer at any instant in time. For many situations, this is not a problem. Writers queue up. Each application does its database work quickly and moves on, and no lock lasts for more than a few dozen milliseconds. But there are some applications that require more concurrency, and those applications may need to seek a different solution."

For my personal use, I plan on putting my databases up on a host, and have multiple servers talking to the same database, so for me, SQLite could become a bottle neck. So it really depends on your use, preferences, maybe depending on hosting like mine, other performance reasons, etc.


Should also note, you can setup MSSQL and MySQL servers on a different machine than your game server so you do not use up resources for your game server.

Below are some simple crude speed testing for single use.. ie 1 database, 1 program.

PC Specs:

CPU: i7-8700k

Memory: 32GB 3000 mhz
GPU: 1080-TI
Storage: M.2 PCIe Samsung 960 EVO 500 GB



                                                                                       TIME IN SECONDS


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