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Need help with server



When my friend logs onto the game it appears as if the server is offline. But for me it runs perfectly fine. The server is running aswell.


My server console: https://imgur.com/a/hrLrC8B

netdebug: https://hastebin.com/ojisusivug

Operating System: Windows

Did you disable your firewall? Yes

Did you disable your antivirus? Yes

Location: House with my own wifi.

I have 1 router, AT an T

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You have to tell your router to allow outside traffic from the world to connect to your game. 


The easiest way is to turn on UPnP in the servers config.json. Most of the time that handles it for you. 


Otherwise you will need to lookup the model of your Att device on PortForward.com and follow the directions to manually port forward port 5400 UDP to 

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