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Elementalis Assets (Freebies Included)


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Elementalis is a project that I will carry out during this period of global quarantine, my goal is to create a series of assets focused on a theme (in this case the elements). I am proposing to update this project every week with adjustments and / or new packages for your use. I hope my project is very helpful to you.  >:D



Sword Pack #1 (Free):
24 Swords icons with the style of Elementalis, 6 types of swords with 4 variants per element (Normal, Wind, Fire, Water). Each icons is 32x32 pixels.
Link (itch.io): Elementalis Sword Pack (Free)




Skill Pack #1(Free):
21 Skill icons with the style of Elementalis, Different types of  skill with 5 per element (Normal, Wind, Fire, Water). Each icons is 32x32 pixels.
Note: I will add new skills every week until I complete 50 icons.
Link (itch.io): Elementalis Skill Pack (Free)



Font Asset (Free):
The official font of Elementalis project. Contain all alphanumerics characters and add special symbols.
Link (itch.io): Elementalis Official Font (Free)

Paperdolls Asset (Free):
The official paperdoll set of Elementalis.
Link (itch.io): Elementalis Official Paperdolls (Free)

About me:
This is my first post here, i know nobody know about me, well i'll introduce myself... I'm Lord Fitoi an artist from BraveWolf Team (Developers of Dark Story Online). I am passionate about pixel-art, I am even more in favor of programming for video game development, although people usually contact me more for art for their games than for programming, so I have decided to start creating art for games either in the form of packages like Elementalis or commission (In case you want a more personalized art.)

Here are some of my works on DSO:



Discord: Lord Fitoi >83#6492

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Great job on the Paperdoll pack! They look so awesome!


LordFitoi does some amazing work! I commissioned him for a set of weapons (staves, swords, daggers, etc) and the results were exactly what I needed! Always make sure you have a good concept in mind to communicate to an artist if you want them to produce something for you, and be capable of paying fair price--but I couldn't have been happier with the results!

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