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Suankee World is a world created by the Gods of the world, specifically the creation of humanity was conceived by the God of Life known as Badh who after the total eradication of the first humans decided to create a much smarter species in order to To seek the greatest possible survival in them, I even wanted to see how they developed in the world.

Badh created mankind based on his physical appearance and gave each of them a trait that differentiated them from each other, at that time he created two different races which differed between whites and blacks. On the one hand the whites were called Sartan and the blacks Darvan. Over time these species managed to colonize the planet in which they were assigned, their first major project was the creation of a city known as Vermot and was assigned a top leader, the King of Vermot who was a mix between a Sertan father and a Mother Darvan, this king was known as Vertran.


In books written by an unknown God he hinted at the birth of a semi-god being who would bring peace to the world and who would be the only one who could stop future conflicts. At first Vertran was revered as the child of the profession by being the supreme King of Vermot and having the possibility of handling the masses; both Sartan and Darvan. He created a peace system where both races could live peacefully for Vermot with their exclusive sector.

But the world cannot always reign peace, nor goodness. The God of War called Fatoh sought to divide and destroy everything Badh built over time, all that dream of being able to create a world where different races can live in peace without any conflict. Fatoh in the shadows created a being by combining the negative energies of the dark humans that resided in the world, with this energy he created a totally infernal being with the appearance of a human but a green skin color to whom he called Orcs, they had similar features to many humans although this race were physically the same in their entirety, Fatoh created them with very little intelligence and feelings, beings created only to kill and cause misfortune in the world.


Badh was not aware of Fatoh's actions because of what he missed this creation, he never knew who his creator was but he dealt with the human beings he created to give them a message, advice that can help them fight against these ferocious beasts, and So it was, Sartan and Darvan fought side by side to eradicate these evil beings, Badh wanted to stop the murders and advised the two human races to capture these beasts to integrate them into the city of Vermot, so, many of these beasts They were captured and treated equally, integrating them into society.


Over time the beasts were cast out of the city and peace reigned again in the world. Fatoh was upset and disappointed to not have the ability to create powerful beings, beings that have similarities to him as Badh did, since Badh was able to create intelligent beings and Fatoh did not have this ability being this negative for him, however he had better strategies, hit Badh where it hurt most. Fatoh being a God could perform miracles, being the God of War could strike through the greed of the human being, providing the odd gift to coax the weakest race into feelings.


Fatoh gave gifts to the Darvan behind Vermot and Sartan, for that same reason Darvan always had the capacity for advanced fighting, they had the best warriors, even superior than Vermot and Sartan. Over time, Fatoh managed to win the trust of leader Darvan, who trusted Fatoh believing that he was a pure soul God. On the other hand, Sartan rejected all of Fatoh's gifts and became the race he sought to eradicate.


In the year 127 Fatoh arrived on earth and had a meeting with leader Darvan to whom he offered great wealth if he annihilated Sartan and, if necessary, the city of Vertran if they opposed them. Darvan agreed and started a house in Vermot, killing many Sartan, on the other hand the leader of Sartan did not understand how his people died since they had no problems with anyone, nor was there any species that wanted to destroy them, they also took into account that Darvan I was not going through this situation.


Sartan's leader cited a meeting where he would include Darvan, Sartan and the King of Vermot. This meeting was conceived to the leader and they reached an agreement to find a culprit, find the cause of the murders, Sartan asked Badh to make presence and cooperate in the cause, but he did not listen to his prayers and ignored believing that it could be something normal that these murders happen taking into account that in the world there could always be deaths, did not take into account that the deaths were caused by Fatoh.

The King of Vermot put his night guards in specific areas of Sartan and took for granted that the cause of the deaths.


The King of Vermot put his night guards in specific areas of Sartan and assumed that the cause of Sartan's deaths were caused by Darvan warriors. Vertran was always a peaceful person and sought to solve the problems with words, tried to make a meeting after the discovery of the murders, however the leader of Darvan refused his request, which is why he caused Sartan's suspicion that the culprit it was the Darvan, this led to an impending internal war within the city Vermot.


Vertran had to make a decision since this war endangered his people, eventually he decided to completely erase his areas in the city, destroying houses and merchant posts of both races, thus making Sartan and Darvan of his kingdom Sartan and Darvan left Vermot on different routes and formed their reign in another sector of the world, however, they always had to go through Vermot and casually could find one or another enemy that traded in Vermot, Vertran somehow sought mutual understanding and He tried to find a way to match the three reigns. Vertran knew that Vermot was rich in shops and was a tourist area for anyone since it was the only place that had the necessary skills and tools to do what they wanted.


Darvan took with him the Orcs who were still in captivity in order to find a personality for them, Vertran did not want the orcs to be in his city so he did not oppose Darvan's decision and agreed that they are taken to another place away from his city. Vertran eventually reached an agreement with both races and told them that Vermot will be a peaceful city where they can come to trade and do what they want as long as their actions do not go against their words, as long as they do not form an internal war again . The two races accessed and used Vermot as a center of commerce, the war continued but they had areas where they could face each other, however, Vermot and its surroundings should not be stepped on in order to shed enemy blood, otherwise, they knew that Vermot was heavily more armed than they were and could lose if they formed a war against Vermot.


Badh managed to react and suspect that all this was caused by the God of War since he seized the body of a high command of Darvan to be able to thoroughly investigate the reason why Darvan was attempting against Sartan, joined a meeting between the Leader of Darvan and Fatoh, but this being a supreme being could feel the presence of Badh in the meeting and discovered that he was spying on them, Fatoh fought Badh to throw him out of the world and send him back to the world of the Gods. Badh was defeated and sent back to the world of the Gods but before he died in the human world he swore to put an end to this war and therefore kill Fatoh.

After a few years Badh took the job of rebirth the souls of the kindly warriors and with sufficient capabilities to end the war and assassinate the God of War, Fatoh.





Suankee World is an MMO based on the theme of Kingdom vs. Kingdom between two existing factions in the game, on the one hand the Sartan kingdom and on the other hand the Darvan kingdom.


The history of the game dates back to the first years of humanity's existence where the God of Life "Badh" and the God of War "Fatoh" have an internal war in which they have the main affected living beings.


The God of life by his side created two races who were the Sartan made up entirely of humans with white skin and the Darvan who have a dark complexion.

For its part, the God of War formed a division between these two races and managed to make each one separate for his kingdom, created a small break in peace, although it was not very intense at first.


Fatoh sought to morally harm Badh, so he chose to find a way to generate a war between the two races. To do this he had no better idea than to sweeten the ears of the most stubborn and greedy race, who were nothing more and nothing less than the Darvan, with a leader greedy enough to accept the blessing of some God with false promises. Thus began a war between two great races.
Sartan and Darvan initially lived together in Vermot, before the war each lived in Vermot in their different sector, but at the beginning of a war they were evicted by the King of Vermot.


Vermot was and still is a commercial area where both races can live together without problems, before they were thrown out, both leaders reached a small agreement that Vermot is a zone of peace and can only trade in the area and use their fields, their meadows to practice in the art of fighting.






Warrior: Being a warrior is the easiest choice. These have a good percentage of Life, Defense and Attack, and a great variety of weapons that will make you the front of the most popular battle. The attributes to climb is Attack followed by Defense, they are clearly formidable and have an impenetrable defense.


Assasins: The Assasins are probably the ones who demand more attention. They have excellent continuous and critical damage, great mobility and much more in their skill kit such as healings and small blessings, although they lack good defense. The Assassin Class may specialize in the use of Daggers or Bows. Attribution points are placed in Attack and Agility.


Magician: The Magician is a specialty that needs to participate in Group to make exclusive use of its entire arsenal of ranged attacks. Even with a team of pure wizard, you can incinerate your worst enemy. The Mages have the ability to curse and mass attack their enemies. Attribution points are used in the Magic Power and Agility.


Clerics: Are an essential part of wars. You are the hero that Sartan needs. Clerics have the ability to increase and reduce Life and Defense by using their pure soul magic, the ability to heal and revive players. His percentage of defense is even higher than that of a Warrior making use of the points of attribution in the Defense and Magic Defense, optionally in Agility.




Ingame Work


NPCS: 1%



CLASS: 100%

MAPS: 2%




GFX/Sound Work


SOUND: 12%




ICONS: 100%






Faction System - Faction System with the possibility of selecting your faction between the two existing Suankee kingdoms.

Invocations System - Being a Magician you can summon a powerful guard who will protect you if they attack you.

RvR Rewards - By killing an enemy of faction you will get an exclusive reward to use in the store of your kingdom.

Crafting System -The crafting system can only be used in the city of Vermot. You can increase the power and rarity of your item.

House System - With the house system you can get a home to store your objects, depending on the area (if you buy in Vermot) you can use a crafting system.

Invasions - Each day there will be an exclusive war event between the two kingdoms on a random map. The winner of the battle (the one who murders the most enemies) will be able to invade the city of the loser.

PVP Arena - PVP systems in Arenas to test your skill level.





Faction Selection





Tutorial Map



Vermot City






Unfortunately the only team member is me.




Special thanks to AscensionGameDev for the opportunity it gives us to make our dreams come true.

Tiles - TheInquisitor





Sorry my bad english. My native language is Spanish.

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