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WIP Phazon Hunters


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Phazon Hunters is a space sci-fi game strongly inspired in the Metroid series. 




Once upon a time, in the PXA-12 system, palvian empire placed the militar spacial station AX-151 in order to protect one of its colonies, planet RTA-1, from Rayn's destruction army. But, after the PXA-12 great war, RTA-1 colony was destroyed and AX-151 was never seen again. 12 years later, a distress signal was sent from an unknown system.


You, a palvian soldier, a Rayn's hitman or a flagless bounty hunter, detect that signal and start your trip to find out what is happening there, if you can help your side by claiming the station or if you can find precious resources to sell in the black market.





If you are a palvian soldier or a Rayn's hitman, your mission is clear: Claim the different AX-151 areas and smash all your enemies. You can hit them where it hurts: Destroying their areas' ammunition and energy supplies. On the other hand, if you are a flagless bounty hunter, you can simply help whoever you want and take the bounties, but be carefull: nobody likes traitors.





- Actual in-game instructions





- Scanning mode (deprecated video)




- Application downloaders





And much more coming!





Only myself :p










Yeah, after all this time, I'm finally making a game in english so anyone in this community can enjoy it, isn't that cool? lol

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This looks pretty cool. I’m also a huge fan of the Metroid series so I definitely want to check this one out. I’ve considered making a Metroid game myself but never could figure out how to go about it. Looks like you’ve done a pretty good job with the idea so I’m excited to see where it goes. Good luck and I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. 

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Well, the demo version is almost ready, and I'm proud to show you the main pvp area: The armory




It consist on a large area with different rooms. There, you can claim the whole place to your faction, which will give you ammo for the most powerful weapon of the demo: AP-1 launcher, an antipersonnel missile which deals high damage when hitting an armored target.


The place is protected by shields generated by the shield generator on the south room, powered by the power generator on the north room. If your faction owns the place and turns on the shield generator, you will see a lot of shields that will stop your enemies, but not your allies, since the shields are intelligent and will let you pass through them. The shield generator is strongly protected by a security algorithm which prevents enemies to turn it off, but a 0-day security hole will let your enemies hack it and turn off the north room shields, which will give them access to the power generator. You have to protect the power generator at any costs, because if your enemies turn it off... everything will go dark, and shield generator won't work anymore.


If your enemies turn off the power generator, you will have 1 minute to turn it on. If you fail, your enemies will be able to claim the power generator, which will let them claim the armory room(the room at the middle of the map) and eventually turn on the shield generator. If that happens, your faction loses the control of that room, and you will have to fight to claim it back.



The demo game is almost ready, I may be opening the testing server today, so stay tuned!

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