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So out of nowhere my intersect stopped working, I made a town in the editor then I wanted to see what it looked like in game so I opend the client and it was going really slow, I finally got to pick my character then the game just sat on a black screen, what do I do?

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26 minutes ago, sonow said:

yes everything was saved, it wasn't the first map I made. Apparently one of my tilesets were to big so I fixed it prior to this happening, so idk what the problem could be


I wouldnt put my hand into the fire on it, but if remember right @Kibbelz said that when you use a tile it load all the tileset. So if you have 4000 32x32 tile in your tilset but only use one then the map will load 3999 32x32 tile for nothing.


@jcsnider said that it was better to use a lot of tiny tileset than use few huge tileset.


Edit: in fact i wouldnt put my hand into the fire for anything.

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