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[tutorial] Creating ability points


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 Hi guys, today I'll teach you something so easy and useful for your game, the ability points(or the "whatever you want" points).


 The function of these points is letting the player get more especialized. For example, if a player likes using katanas, he could use this points to unlock more powerful katanas while other players use this points to unlock another kind of weapon, armor or ability. This will enhance the variety of game play.


 Let's begin!


 First of all we need a player variable. We can create one using the switch and variable editor. I'll name mine "AbilityPoints".





 Next step is creating a common event. In this case we'll give some ability points to the player when leveling up. For this we'll need to open the common event editor and create a new common event. Its logic is so simple: When leveling up, give ability points to the player. We'll need to set the common event trigger to level up. On the command panel we select the "set variable" command, then select the "player variables" radiobutton and then select the variable you just created. After that you have to decide how many points will the player gain each time he levels up. I decided give him 3 points.






 Now each time a player levels up will gain 3 ability points.



 What's the next step? Of curse! Deciding how many categories we'll implement in our game. Again, we'll need to create more player variables. For this example I'm creating only one category, the "katana skills" category. We'll do the same we did when creating the AbilityPoints variable.





 Great! We now have one category where we can spend our ability points! You can create as many categories as you want, imagination is the only barrier!


 Well, we have points, we have the mechanics to earn more points, we have a category where spend these points... what we need now? Sure, a katana! Lets open the item editor and create one. I created this one:





 Now we have the katana too, but everyone can use it! We now need to add some edit usage requirements. You can do this by clicking on the "edit usage requirements" button and adding a condition list. We then need to open than new condition list and add our conditions. I'll add 2 conditions: minimum attack stat points and minimum ability points (as strength isn't everything when using weapons):





 Ok, so we now have ability points, a category to enhance and a katana to use. Is it all done? Nope, we need one more thing: A way to spend our ability points in our category (so we can finally use our katana).


 There are so many ways to do this, I simply chose the easiest one, creating a npc. If you talk with him you'll be able to spend the ability points in the KatanaSkills category. We have to open the event tab on the map layers panel and doble-clicking where we want our npc to stand. You should be able to open the event editor doing this. I did a simple one which let you spend your ability points on the katana skills:






 And there we go! We now can spend our ability points to enhance our katana skills. When we get enough katana skills level and attack stat we will be able to use our katana. If you follow all this steps (and I didn't forget to post any step or didn't make any mistake) all should work correctly.


 After this you can create a more complex system with more categories and even more new and interesting features. I hope this helps you on your games.


 Good luck and sorry about my bad english!









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16 hours ago, Beefy Kasplant said:

Very nice tutorial! 


 Thank you! It's content is not very advanced, I'm sure anyone can do something like this by himself, but it maybe helps some new intersect users :3_grin:


 Good luck!

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11 hours ago, Essence said:

Great tutorial. But in theory instead of using an NPC you could use a command to open up a text menu with options to do specific things. However, a good and simple guide. :)

 You're totally right, using commands is the simpler way to do this


 Thank you and good luck!

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14 minutes ago, SkyZero said:

how do I find out or create a system to know how many skill points I have available?



You could do a command in the common event editor


Use this text command to show the ability points variable:


\pv #   -- displays the value of a player variable (replace # with the variable id shown in the switch & variable editor)



EDIT: There are other neat things you can do with text commands. See 


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28 minutes ago, kp420 said:

can this work like quest points every time a player completes a quest, and then spend the points on special armor and weapons?



Of course

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